What’s with the Two-Story DeKalb Farmer’s Market Addition?

I feel like someone told me about this or I read it somewhere before, but it’s completely escaped me now.  Eddie writes in…

 Do you have any information on the major addition to the Dekalb Farmers Market. An huge two story addition has been added to the back of the building.

So…anyone know?

Photo courtesy of Your DeKalb Farmer’s Market website

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        1. J_T

          I know you were only joking, but poking fun at people who are struggling to make a living is not humorous. I work with the children of these workers and know first hand what they are going through.

          1. And I have represented someone who was roughed up and arrested by the YDFM security guard goons for something about as ridiculous as eating a grape. So, sorry if you disapprove of my method of doing so, but I stand by my sarcastic mocking of their policies and actions.

            1. Well, J.T., your sarcastic mocking of their language is uncalled for. I would think you know might know better, especially if you’re an attorney.

              1. Oh get over your politically correct selves. This is funny! Bag we bag…hilarious! We still say that at home.

                1. Actually Sarah, it’s more about being decent and less about politics to refrain from mocking immigrants. Perhaps if you examined the actual political climate here, you would see that.

            2. An acquaintance once told me that prospective security guards — usually off-duty police officers — have to go through rifle training before being hired. I imagine there’s a lot of cash in that place. Although, the amount of rules posted everywhere — don’t eat the grapes, don’t squeeze the fruit, etc. — makes me think whoever runs the place has a very strong appreciation of law and order.

            3. I’m telling Paramilitary Hairdresser Guy you called him a goon. You’re in big trouble now, mister.

  1. What’s up? I shop here 5-6 days a week – didn’t even notice except for what appeared to be a crane or something similar behind the building…

  2. I have the answer on good authority – it’s a manufacturing extension. They’re planning to produce that unique “YDFM Aroma”, botle it, and sell it to other, less odiferous food retailers.

  3. I have the answer on good authority – it’s a language lab. They’re planning to teach native english speakers a unique and endearing accent, and farm out their services to other, less mellifluous food retailers.

  4. I have the answer on good authority – it’s a extrusion molding facility. They’re planning to liquefy heavily GM’ed bacon grease, form it into unrecognizable, yet tantalizing vegetable-like shapes and resell it to other, less socially-conscious food retailers.

  5. …or it’s a giant shed to store all the fire wood from the trees they chopped down in front of the store.

    1. Agreed – I find participating in/reading the DM comments less and less enjoyable as the number of commentors who think they’re successfully palling off the role of “snarky comedian” increases. In fact, most cannot pull of the wit or sarcasm via this comment section, it just comes across as rude.

      1. Oops…. guess I shouldn’t participate either, until I learn how to proofread.

        1. Yeah, might have been a bad idea. Frankly, I love YDFM, even on the mass chaos days before major holidays. We kid the ones we love (or for others, love/hate.)
          But I wouldn’t judge the comments here – I find it fascinating and informative. Even the reliable Wal*mart and TJ comments are a barometer of sorts (I have time for bad jokes, but I don’t have time to cross tab quantity of TJ references against interesting variables like consumer confidence or purchasing power, but I bet they’re related. 😉

      2. I nominate Smalltowngal as the official Decatur Metro Snark Czar. Anyone wishing to attempt potentially offensive sarcastic wit must receive her preclearance to do so. If she’s not up to singlehandedly managing this task, I propose that kar(AHID)ass and Deanne further comprise the Snark Selection Committee.

        I understand that this suggestion is unlikely to ever be implemented. But in the off chance that it is, I submit this comment as my application for snarkastic sanctioning…

        1. Thank you but, no. I’d as soon just go ahead and teach middle school. Which anybody who knows me could tell you is my idea of the ultimate hell on earth.

        2. J_T! Don’t be volunteering me up! It’d cut waaaay too much into my Walmart shopping time! (But if this means I’ve turn into the little angel on your shoulder, I reckon I’m cool with that! :0)

          You know who’s snarky self I really miss? DEM. Yep. Went from his comments driving me absolutely bonkers to me actually mulling over whether I’d vote for him for office…(… and I think I would! Not sure I’d give him a valentine, though!)

          I’m recalling that YDFM was going to add a wholesale only building. Does that ring a bell with anybody else?

          1. I miss him around here as well. Agree with him or not, he was always well-informed and his comments usually made for interesting reading.

        3. I mean, I’m not saying “NO FUNNY EVER” because no, I enjoy reading the banter here when it’s well played. But if you strive to be funny/witty/yes, snarky in every single comment, you’re going to fail. I stand by my assertion that a lot of these comments, especially in the last six months or so, are no longer funny but instead border on “rude” and “smug,” which seems 100% contrary to the spirit of Decatur itself and, in fact, this site. Just like I could use some proof reading, some people might want to think twice about whether what they’re posting is actually funny and not offensive.

      3. Come on! You didn’t know that the DM comment boards are the minor leagues of the snarky commenter? If you do well and practice your craft, you get sent up to Gawker with a chance for a STAR! If you don’t do well, and as you say come across as rude or degrading, you get sent to…Yahoo. Perish the thought. You never hear from those guys again. It just sucks the humanity out of you.

    2. Yeah, wow had no idea there were so many YDFM haters out there. Fine with me you all keep shopping at Kroger.

      1. So here are my two cents as to this divide, which has played out on this site for years.

        If you’ve never had a problem with YDFM, you love it. There’s nothing better.

        If you’ve had problems – be it with security, the smells of old, the “no returns” policy, or the bad blood that apparently exists between more than a few folks and its management – you are VERY vocal about it.

        What any of this means is beyond me, but one thing’s is for sure – people are very passionate about YDFM.

        1. I don’t know if I would agree with this necessarily. We’ve had as many problems as anyone over the years (bag harassment, spoiled product for which they would not provide a refund, wife threatened with arrest and physically manhandled by security douche for having a bag in her cart) and we’ll still defend it to the death. Sadly, I think people get spoiled and lose sight of what an amazing resource it is and get caught up in their petty grudges. IMO the good far outweighs the bad, and their general demeanor and sometimes blockheaded policies have improved in recent times. I know if it closed tomorrow I’d be devastated.

          1. +1. Here’s a positive security story: once I arrived at YDFM on bike and realized I’d forgotten the key to my lock. As I was cursing under my breath, the security guy standing by (an off-duty police officer) asked me the problem and then asked me how long I would be shopping. I said, “At least 30 minutes.” He watched my bike for me for half an hour. I would not have left my bike unlocked and I was really grateful not to have to bike all the way home for the key.

          2. I don’t live there any longer and that is one of the things I miss the most. they just don’t have places like that everywhere. I can’t by spices in bulk, unless i want to order online. No last minute run down to YDFM for bulk spices!

  6. There are a few DFMkt ‘haters’ around, but I shop there at least twice a week and have since they were in their old location near the Medlock/Scott intersection. Guess some of us just can’t resist a little snarkcasm every once and awhile. Really don’t know what I’d do without the place.

    1. Having the YDFM only a couple of miles away is one of the things that makes living in this area worthwhile.

      1. Agreed. I’ve saved an incalculable amount of money by doing my weekly shopping there instead of at Whole Foods. If you go during off hours it’s quite an enjoyable experience.

      2. YDFM is one of my absolute favorite places to take out-of-town guests. I adore the bustling mix of cultures, and there are food aventures waiting on practically every aisle. (Where else can I find inspiration for my random kitchen experiments? Last weekend’s visit resulted in deviled eggs filled with jalapenos, crunchy peppers, and Punjabi masala chole spice.)

  7. I stopped going there because of the bad smell that was absorbed in the food. 2 years ago I went back looking for a prepackaged item that wouldn’t be affected by the odor. I sure am glad I went back, I discovered the smell was gone. I am now their biggest fan. Their produce is much fresher and a lot less expensive than Publix. Their meat and poultry is high quality, very reasonably priced and always very fresh. I have not been disappointed once since my return.

    Btw, does anybody know anything about the large two-story addition they are building?

    1. I don’t, but I’m going there today and I’ll ask. I’m looking for the Pickapeppa sauces I enjoyed in Jamaica. Not the regular Pickapeppa, but the mango-ginger and hot mango (or something.) They were delicious.

      1. Struck out on my Pickapeppa foray but asked about the expansion. An employee told me it was an expansion for “back-of-house” type operations, receiving, storage; sounds like Jeff guessed right. She went on to say shoppers will not see a change except that YDFM will run out of items less frequently.

        Anyone know a resource for Jamaican products? I found the sauce on line but hate to pay shipping.

        1. I recall seeing fairly extensive Jamaican products in both the BuHi Farmers Market and Cobb International Market (Smyrna/Spring Rd area) in the past couple of years.

          There was also a Carribean restaurant up north – Alpharetta area (maybe on Old Milton Pkwy?) we ate at when I had an office in that area of town. The restaurant had a small shelf of sauces and things for sale. But this was 2007 or 2008 – might be worth seeing if anything fitting this description is still around.

          1. Thanks, LLD. I’ve been meaning to check out the Buford Highway Market for some time, maybe this will be my impetus.

        2. Try the Publix in Shamrock Plaza across from North Dekalb Mall. They have a more extensive Caribbean selection than most stores in the area. That’s where I get my Matouk’s Calypso Sauce.

        3. I’ve definitely bought Pickapeppa sauce there; perhaps they were just out. I’ll look on Saturday, if you want.

          1. They had plenty of the regular Pickapeppa, Invincible, but it was the other flavors I had never seen before that I sought. Mango-Ginger or something. Do keep an eye open, I’ll check out these other leads as well.

            1. Got it! I didn’t know there was more than one kind! Do let me know if you find something interesting.

    2. I assumed it had something to do with improving their shipping/receiving facilities, but that’s just a guess.

    3. I quit going a few years back because of the smell, too. But I went back this year and have been very happy so far, with the exception that I think their dairy products still have a funky off-taste. Glad to hear the meat is good. I haven’t bought any so far because of the no-return policy.

  8. YDFM is great. Best way to go is during the week when it is not so crowded. Otherwise, try to leave the kids at home, put your tunes in your ears, put on your patience cap and take your time. If you stash your cart in light traffic areas and “dive in” to the aisles, you will not even be bothered very much by those who feel compelled to turn their carts sideways and then leave them in the middle of an aisle.

    1. I agree. If you’re a local, try going on the weekdays. If you have to go during rush times, follow the unspoken rule of not taking your cart into narrow aisles. Thank you!

  9. We live less than two miles from that place and still drive to Buford Highway Farmer’s Market for the bulk of our needs. I still do check out YDFM from time to time, though.

    1. I am a big convert to the Buford Hwy Farmers Market, love it, especially the empanadas and tacos at the little stand as you walk out. If you haven’t been up there, I suggest taking a trip during the week — it is worse then YDFM on the weekends!

      1. BEWARE: I’m about to be completely serious and non-snarky (You can tell because ‘m talking about food). Brad just spilled one of the best kept food secrets in Atlanta. The empanadas from the little stand near the exit of the Buford Highway Farmers Market are un-freaking-believable. You can get two (gotta go with one chicken and one beef) and a Mexican cola for about $5.00. I always ask for extra sauce to use later because that stuff is also addictive. I have been known to make up bald-faced lies about having to go to the Mall of Justice, er, the Gwinnett County Courthouse, just so I can grab some empanadas on the way home.

        1. See you there J_T, you have the chicken, I will hoard the beef… You owe it to yourself to try the carne asada taco (crazy good tomatillo sauce and fresh corn tortillas) if you haven’t yet.

          I try to charm the lovely ladies behind the counter into letting me see how the salsa is made, though they have not been receptive — yet.

          I figure our secret is safe, BuHi Market is OTP after all…

          1. You’re on, Brad! I was a bit disappointed the one time I strayed from my usual order and tried the tamale but I’ll give the tacos a chance. If they’re near as good as the empanadas this will not be good for either my diet or my car mileage.

            Don’t feel bad about striking out on the salsa recipe. I’ve tried to ask as well. Last time, the girl behind the counter pulled a Sammy Sosa and suddenly forgot how to speak English as soon as I asked. I’ve tried to deconstruct it at home but haven’t really come close. I wish they would just bottle and sell it.

            And you’re probably right. I doubt that there will suddenly be droves of Decaturites trekking up to Doraville. But for anyone scared off by the OTP label, it’s ***JUST*** OTP, as in just a few hundred yards or so past 285 on BuHi!

  10. Love the Dekalb Farmers Market and the fact that it employs people who otherwise would not be able to get jobs except plucking chickens or bagging salads. The produce is good as well as the prices.

    1. This conservative finds the multiculturalism quite fascinating…in a good way. The nightmare is that all other cultures seem to want to be there at the same time as mine. 😉

    2. I agree – Jon’s blanket insult is unbeleivably naive and MSNBCish.

      This conservative thinks YDFM is an example of Capitalism at it finest and most productive. Because of unfettered capitalism, liberal minded Decaturites can eat bizarre fruits and veggies grown in exotic locations by famers who otherwise might not earn a fraction of what they would if they grew for local markets only. It’s a win-win–yummy win.

      It’s the best example of conservatives and liberals working together for profits and poi.

    1. brianc!!! Damn it!!! If you hate to say it, DON’T!!! Put on your thinking cap and help figure out how to turn things around!! I’m worried DM’s gonna just throw up his hands and say to hell with it if he can’t count even on the regulars for support.

      (Love ya, but really!!!)

    2. I’m afraid I beg to differ, brianc. I don’t know what blogs you follow but I find that DM is a great bastion of civility. Sure there are those who pontificate, and those whose comments seem designed to crush a conversation in its bud. But in general, when I visit this blog I get the feeling that I’m at a Decatur cocktail party–some of the people I know well, some just a little, and some who are new to me. I gravitate toward the good conversationalists, and ignore the bores and the few vulgarians. Just like at any party.

      1. Yup, this. Except I’ve been known to encourage some of the “vulgarians” who tickle my funnybone (not mentioning any names, Junderscore…)

        1. What, me vulgar? I prefer edgy. I will even admit to a few forays into crassness. But vulgar? Maybe I *have* been spending too much time in the AJC comments section!

          1. OK, well, maybe not vulgar-vulgar (but since I was folowing Parker’s trail of thought/terms, I went with it). Cleverly vulgar– how’s that?

    3. Not even close really. I made the mistake this morning of scrolling down after I read the article about the Georgian’s trying to keep Obama off the ballot. There really are no words for what takes place on that blog. DM would shut the comments down here before anything like that was said here (and I have seen him do that more than once if my memory serves me correctly.)

      1. Did you read the comments on the “Decatur Grinch” story on the Channel 2 site? Vile racist crap. Just as bad as AJC and just as crazy

  11. Idea? Dekalb Farmers Market is glorious in that they offer all Atlantans produce that they are completey confused by. Thai peppers, Chinese lychee, have you seen those strange sea cucumers? – honestly mostly things I’ve never met. I love that people in our community buy them and turn them into dinner. We’re so lucky to have access to that – fresh unique items that in a plant-based diet work so well. It’s like a Michael Pollan adventure! So, I’m launching a dinner party where the host has to work with one item that we’ve never heard of that is cooked, to perfection of course! It’s a side dish so we don’t all starve. And the recipe has to be given so that we might all start to add the inchi seeds into our basket the next time we go. We could do this with small dinner parties in Decatur, blog about it after and create a Decatur community page . There are so few places that have access to such produce and food that it could really be a unifying move in such a progressive town..anyone in?

    1. Call me when someone is serving Durian. It is supposed to taste like ambrosia but smell like a rotting corpse. I don’t have the courage to buy one and find out myself.

      1. Sometimes when you walk past the durian section, you can get a whiff of their distinctive odor. I find that they smell like a combination of feet and dirty dishwater. Apparently, durians are banned from public transportation in certain cities in southeast Asia because of their smell.

        1. You are correct, KB. The subways in Singapore have signs indicating that durian is not allowed. And Parker, I thought about trying durian, but couldn’t manage to make myself get close enough to it to actually put it in my mouth. The smell was THAT bad!

          1. It’s pretty bad, but not worse than haggis, IMHO…freshly boiled haggis is an exercise in olfactory offensiveness that just can’t be explained– it has to be experienced!

      2. I had some Durian in Hong Kong last year. It ranked above cow stomach but below chicken feet on the tastiness scale.

    2. I find that if I hang out by an unusual ingredient for a little while, someone will walk by and buy some, and I take the opportunity to ask them how they prepare it. They’re almost always happy to share that info.

  12. We moved out of state and have realized that YDFM is an irreplaceable establishment. I smuggle back loaves of the oatbran bread and those italian chicken sausages whenever I can. Count your blessings. I miss all the crazy stuff too.

  13. Mitch Blackwell well is the contractor who is doing the addition. Great guy who does very thorough, careful work. The project has been underway for quite some time now.

  14. Speaking of their policies: this past weekend I waited behind a gentleman (and I use this term loosely) trying unsuccessfully for about 5 minutes to convince the lunch meat person to give him a sample**. I tried to tell him that they didn’t give samples & hadn’t for a few years now. He stormed out screaming that he would have to buy his Boar’s Head at Kroger, but the workers ignored him & continued serving the hoards of people who were waiting. Any YDFM regular knows that you don’t argue policy. You either accept it or shop somewhere else.

    **I and others were literally laughing at the guy, because he was trying to use the logic of saying how would he know which one to buy if he didn’t get a sample. The very patient lady behind the counter kept smiling and saying “sorry, no sample” over and over, but the a**hat kept insisting on trying to convince her to give him a sample. We all clapped when he finally left, and the YDFM worker gave me a knowing wink & a smile when I very calmly placed my order.

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