Morning Metro: Run with the Dogs, Pecan Thieves, and 19 Words You Should Be Using

10 thoughts on “Morning Metro: Run with the Dogs, Pecan Thieves, and 19 Words You Should Be Using”

  1. Don’t no nutin’ bout no pecan thieves but I do enjoy seeing people harvest the pecans here in Decatur. A few weeks ago, I spoke to a woman picking up pecans from the tree near the student lot at DHS. She told me that her pecans, roasted, salted and bagged as “Fresh Decatur Pecans”, were very popular at her work. I reminisced seeing kids picking up pecans around Decatur in the 60s. Heck even my Yankee mama asked me to do this back in the day! Still a fine character building activity for kids and a moneymaker for adults.
    Merry Christmas!

      1. Is that a stand of pecan trees in lawn in front of the First Baptist Church on Clairmont and Commerce? I was walking by that location on a nice day a few weeks ago and I noticed an elderly couple closely examining the ground and carrying large sticks and a pail. Maybe they were collecting pecans!

      2. My lot next to Marlay has a huge and bountiful one. In the back of the property ( directly behind Farm Burger ) may be the biggest in the city- Trees Atlanta was going to verify. Pecans need other trees to polinate, so they are found in groups. The creek bed has many pecans and black walnuts alongside the post office .

  2. Can’t believe I’m the first to comment on those great words “that should be worked into conversation”. My favorites:

    5. Dysania: Having difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. (I knew my son had a disease.)

    6. Karoshi (Japanese): Death from being overworked. (Not sure whether this best applied to my job or pickin up our house.)

    7. Lawn Mullet: A neatly manicured front yard and an unmowed mess in the back. (Too funny. Except for the front yard, we’ve got that.)

    12. Zeg (Georgian): The day after tomorrow. Why don’t we have a word for the day after tomorrow?

    15. Badinage: Playful, joking banter. (Hey, there’s a nice name for our attacks and counterattacks on this blog!)

    1. Agree with you!! I shared the link to the 19 words article with some of my oldfangled friends. I’ll be talking with them zeg. 😉

  3. The lot between Marlay and FarmBurger has a big and bountiful one, and the one behind Farm Burger may be one of the largest Pecan in the city. Trees Atlanta was going to come out and verify.

  4. Every morning I defeat my dysania to welcome a new day. I hug my wife, recalling our koi no yokan. She smiles. I smile. Our badinage begins as I make tea. But I know my kummerspeck worries her (and my doctor). She hugs me from behind, moving a few fingers across my belly. I see her reflection in the window. Her face twisted as if she’s a paper-belly. I promise her I’ll run, zeg. I’m a man of my word. I head out, greeted by petrichor, moving fast past my neighbors’ lawn mullets.

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