Inman Park Better Than Decatur? That’s Unpossible!

The real estate-centric blog, Curbed Atlanta is doing a fun “Neighborhood Cup” thingy to close out the year, where Atlanta neighborhoods compete in online voting to win a self-admitted “fake” trophy for being generically “best”.

Today’s match-up pits Decatur against formidable rival, Inman Park.  And as of 3:55pm, Decatur is LOSING to Inman Park with only 39% of the vote!  A travesty of the highest degree!  But there’s only been 134 votes thus far, so we can certainly turn this thing around pretty quickly.

So if you care about fake trophies and the most random of bragging rights CLICK OVER to Curbed and vote Decatur into the next round where they will face either Va-Hi or Midtown in a neighborly fight to the death!

FYI: The “Unpossible” in the post title is intentional.  Ask Ralph Wiggum.

26 thoughts on “Inman Park Better Than Decatur? That’s Unpossible!”

  1. i’m bi-nabe: live in the D, and my studio is in Inman Park.
    they’re both lovely, but c’mon any right minded librul progressive know where his bread is buttered.

    voted for Decatur all the way from Germany. get yo click on!

  2. I’ve lived in both. If I were single, the vote would be closer, but being able to have my kids walk/cycle everywhere, to school, to stores, to friends’ homes, to activities, to church, to whatever, makes the choice overwhelmingly in favor of Decatur. Not to mention the Mayberry/Berkeley thing. And CSD vs. APS. My second choice wouldn’t be Inman Park; it would be Portland, Oregon, Boise, Idaho, Missoula, Montana, or Brevard, N.C.

  3. I mildly object to the premise of these match-ups. Decatur is a city–a very well-run city, albeit a small one– and has inherent advantages over all of the others by virtue of that distinction alone. (Except for Sandy Springs, which is also a city… but seriously, who would pick Sandy Springs over any of these?)

  4. Voted. I’m actually headed to Inman Park right now (EAYC better have a PB&J cold and ready for me) but the heart is where the home is, or something like that. DPD chastising me for leaving my car unlocked >>> APD showing up an hour after I’ve been shot!

  5. Separate Oakhurst out of Decatur and then I’ll vote. Oakhurst rocks! Viva Mead Road!

    Yeah, I’ll still vote for Decatur.

    1. Is this one of those “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” situations? Should we retaliate and all vote for Midtown West, whatever that is, just to spite Inman Park? Full disclosure: I rented a servant’s cottage in Inman Park back when Victorian homes alternated with crack house apartments and a commuter was murdered at the deserted Inman Park Station at night. Back then, I found the homeowners a bit snooty, the renters a bit scary, and Little Five Points to be a parody of it’s hippy self. Decatur has approached a bit precious at times, especially when real estate soared right before the start of the recession, but it retains a genuine, real people feel for the most part.

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