Decatur Diner Up For Sale Again…

In case anyone has ANY energy left to follow this, here ya go…

Decatur Diner located at 205 East Ponce De Leon Avenue, Decatur, GA 30030-3405 at Church Street in the heart of Downtown Decatur. This business was just sold in October but new absentee owner has no full service experience and not able to grow or manage business thus reason for sale. This is one of the hottest corners in all of Metro Atlanta with incredible visibility, frontage hi traffic car and foot traffic at the intersection of Church and Ponce.

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  1. So ,the newest owner bought the place without having any experience in the business? Either very stupid or very shady.

    1. I’ve seen it happen several times with small businesses: an owner will sell to avoid debts and reopen after buying back from a party who is on the deal. Not saying that is what is happening here, but it happens a lot in businesses that are less visible to the public than restaurants.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Brick Store and Leon’s are both very well run, and I’m sure any new venture would also be great for Decatur.

    2. -10
      Please, no more bars in Decatur. There’s more to life than beer. I’ll probably have to leave town after this post…

      1. That’s borderline sacrilege, but I agree. We’re a bit oversaturated with bars/beers right now. I don’t think another bar is good for this market.

      2. We definitely do NOT need another pub. I vote for Sublime Doughnuts – it’s a long drive to 10th street, but I need my fix now and then.

    1. As long as we’re throwing out ideas, let’s be innovative:

      Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday it can be a TJs
      Monday and Wednesday, it’s a Whole Foods
      Friday and Saturday it’ll transform into a craft beer bar

      Am I missing anything?

  2. Don’t the Brick Store Guys own Twains too. And Java Monkey ( wine ) – so 5th establishment with booze. If this were Monoply, they need to build a hotel.

    1. Not sure about Twain’s (haven’t heard that one before), but I do seem to recall an article mentioning that Java Monkey was at one time owned by The Guys — and they sold it to someone they know.

      1. Dave Blanchard of the BrickStore is married to Talia, one of the Wurzel family who owns Twain’s. Talia and her mom, Ettie, also own Squash Blossom.

  3. I think this was mentioned when ABC was still there, but it seems this spot would be ideal for a third Alon’s location.

  4. Downtown Decatur could use an Indian restaurant (preferably run by the Brickstore mafi)

    Tiki Masala and a 10% IPA please!

      1. Have you been on Lawrenceville Hwy and Scott just outside the citylimits? Some of the best Indian food, of various ethic regions, can be food there.

        1. Truly, we are blessed with good Indian places. Bhojanic is always just wonderful-service, food. Their tikka masala is perfect.
          Madras Woodland near the German Bakery has a good lunch buffet, both vegetarian and with meat.
          Mirch Masala in the Patel plaza is also good. And the one I can never spell Shirbavna (sp?) has excellent thalis.
          Something needs to go in the Diner space but not sure an Indian restaurant could succeed against the competition just outside the city.

      2. This is not exactly accurate. A lot of the best Indian food in all of Atlanta is found in Decatur, including the aforementioned Bhojanic and places in and around Patel Plaza). You could even call Decatur Atlanta’s “Little India.” BUT, you are correct that City of Decatur (specifically in and around the square) is lacking in Indian establishments.

    1. My absolute favorite Indian place, Tava & Grill (which used to be inside Cherians) is looking for a place to relocate, but this spot may be too pricey!

  5. How about a Vietnamese restaurant? I need some pho. That Viet chateau in the old cakes and ale spot was great. Or a Cuban sandwich shop? I would kill for a pan con bistec and tostones with a good guava pastelito and a cortadito. Maybe we can get la carreta to open there. Gosh I’m hungry.

    1. Vietnamese would be great. I think it has about reached the mainstream the way Thai did and could make it outside of Buford Highway/Jimmy Carter area. I moved back here just after VIet Chateau closed. Was it doing well?

          1. I was just picking on you. I don’t really know because I wasn’t a Vietnamese fan when they were around. Stupid me!

  6. ” I don’t really know because I wasn’t a Vietnamese fan when they were around.”

    Nor was I. Com on Buford Hwy turned me into one.

    1. +1 Tim Hortons would be awesome! They’re all over the northeast and we could use a little piece of Canada.

  7. How about a place that’s a bit more family friendly??? Like the Diner was, but is actually good? and doesn’t break the bank? and isn’t burritos or tacos?

  8. How about something American: Jason’s deli. Despite its name, its origin is in deep East Texas, and their gumbo is the genuine article

  9. Here at Andryannis Greek Bistro we wanted that spot before we opened. I wish we had gotten it! We leased our little spot like right before Atlanta Bread left..bad timing for us. It has taken forever for us to be discovered In our difficult location. We just started opening for dinner too. The Diner owners did not respect the location the had and that is very sad. Happy Holidays !

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