Decatur Awarded $2.1 Million for C-Streets Ped/Biking Improvements

Thomas Wheatley – famed trustafarian of the “wheat” family dynasty – reports on Fresh Loaf that the Atlanta Regional Commission has announced a new round of grant-recipients for the Livable Centers Initiative.  Along with a $4 million grant for the Beltline to build a ramp that connects with Ponce (near Ponce City Market aka City Hall East aka the old Sears Warehouse) is a $2.1 million grant for the City of Decatur towards our Clairemont/Commerce/Church Street pedestrian and biking improvements.  According to the Amber Waves of Wheatley, the grants require a local match.

Other area recipients include: Doraville, New Peachtree Bike and Pedestrian Improvements ($2.3 million), Midtown Atlanta, Juniper Street Bike and Pedestrian Facilities ($3.4 million) DeKalb County, Lake Hearn Drive, Perimeter Summit Parkway, Parkside Place Bike and Pedestrian Facilities ($3.1 million), DeKalb, Tucker Streetscape, ($960,000).

What’s a $2.1 million grant mean for the timeline of this Decatur project?  Guess I’ll just have to ask the city!

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  1. Amber Waves of Wheatley
    Is this his stripper name?

    $2.1 million plus a match seems like a pile of loot. Is there a cost estimate from the city I missed somehow? Probably by not paying attention?

      1. Choo-choo Ocean.

        Not so great–if I go for a slightly later pet and street, we’ve got

        Snuggles Larrimer.

        Much better!

      2. Thomasina Sawross. *sigh* Just my luck to get a moniker that sounds like the name of a 19th-century prairie school teacher, instead of a proper stripper… 😐

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