Decatur Non-Profit Tops in the State, #4 in Country

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Not sure if you saw this in last week’s Atlanta Business Chronicle but there was a front page article about the “Philanthropy 400” (I guess the nonprofit version of the Fortune 500). Thought is was awesome that the highest ranking nonprofit in the state, Task Force for Global Health, is headquartered in downtown Decatur (note that it beat out the American Cancer Society). Even more impressively, it is the 4th highest ranking nonprofit in the entire country. They bought the building at 325 Swanton Way a few years ago (corner of Swanton & W. Trinity) and they are currently under construction with an expansion project – I guess we now know why. Very cool to have an organization with such a worldwide reach and meaningful mission located right here in Decatur. Here is the link to the full article.

You can learn more about the Task Force for Global Health on their website.  We covered their recent expansion plans HERE back in May.  The picture above is pre-construction.

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  1. This is truly a neat place and has neat people working for it. And some of the international employees have children in CSD. It’s why you shouldn’t assume that a family that appears to be from a low-income country in Africa, the Mid-East, or elsewhere are impoverished refugees. The parents may be world-renowned researchers.

  2. Sometimes, it gets the “right eyes” to see the beautiful and simple things around us. It is an honor calling the Task Force my neighbors.

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