Election Day Open Thread!

I never know which way these threads will go.  Sometimes they’re mostly about wait times at polling locations, sometimes they’re just about the issues on the ballot.  Whatever! It’s Election Day in Amur’ca!  Let the freedom of comments sections ring!

Oh, as for my Election Day experience…a good 5 second wait at First Christian Church around 8:30a this morning.  However voting location was moved to a smaller room, so I was all kinds of thrown off.

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  1. sunday sales!

    Also, regarding the splost, we aren’t adding another 1% tax, just continuing the one that already exists, correct?


  2. Hey everyone. Be sure to thank the poll workers for being there! They do a great job and give 100%, even when only 10% show up to vote.

    1. I have a feeling that we’ll see a slight increase in turnout than usual thanks to Sunday sales. I really wonder how that might affect the SPLOST vote…

      1. My guess is a fair number of people showing up for alcohol sales don’t know what SPLOST is, but will read the word “school” or “education”, and vote yes for it. Who knows…

  3. One poll worker asked me if it was my first election, even though I was born in 1981! We all got a good laugh out of that one. I was voter #9 at my precinct this morning.

    1. My poll workers told me that I looked to be 13 (she was only off by 13 years). I got a hearty chuckle out of that too.

    2. I kind of get that — it hardly seems possible to me that someone born after I graduated from high school should be old enough to vote!!!!

  4. I wish DeKalb County had gotten their act together and put Sunday Sales on the ballott. Was that an intentional political move by the county or a bonehead mistake?

    1. Just heard my coworker lamenting that. She’s in unincorporated Decatur and was all excited to vote for Sunday sales and then it wasn’t on her ballot. I told her I’d help make sure she could come get her fix at Sherlock’s or mini Kroger.

    2. I seem to recall an AJC article from several months ago in which they said they were intentionally leaving it off this ballot, but I can’t remember the reason. They may have intended it to be on the 2012 presidential ballot, but I think it was a case of dragging their feet and making excuses.

      1. Something’s not computing — DeKalb is voting today on the SPLOST issue countywide anyway — why not include a Sunday sales referendum? I don’t get it. Someone help me, please.

    3. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on the ballot in unincorporated areas of fulton and cobb either. Someone correct me if that’s not right.

    1. Just curious, and not looking to pick a fight, but why no Sunday sales? Once again, just curious since “yes” seems to be a trend around these parts. For the record, I voted no on SPLOST.

      1. I have my feelings and you have yours. My vote was for no Sunday sales & Tax because that’s what I want and if you want Sunday sales & no tax , that’s what you want, I can’t pass judgement. I love my right to vote, because plenty of people fought for that right for me.

        1. I can’t pass judgement.

          But aren’t you? By telling the rest of us we can’t decide for ourselves whether to buy alcohol on Sunday?

          1. If I’m not mistaken the law was already in place before today, like I said, I’m not passing judgement just using my right to vote on what I want.

        2. I can’t pass judgement.

          But aren’t you? By telling the rest of us we can’t decide for ourselves whether to buy alcohol on Sunday?

        3. I find it odd that you seem very proud to say how you voted, but then don’t seem to have any reason that you feel like expressing for why you voted that way.

          If you’re going to claim your decision publicly, why not be prepared to back it up with your logic? It’s obviously not a completely personal decision, since you already told us how you voted. We’re just inquiring about your motivation.

          1. I agree- If you are going to announce, tell why. I think it would be interesting to know the reason. I have to be honest and say I don’t particularly care either way because my drinking is in bars/restaurants or home drinking confined to excellent red wine I get on sale at Whole Foods, so I can work around Sundays.

            1. I’m not that wrapped about it either. My suspicion is that her opposition is religious in nature, and I was curious to see if I was right. I pop into church a few times a year, and absolutely acknowledge churches do many wonderful things for communities, but I think it’s a terrible tool for creating laws for a multi-cultural/multi-belief society.

              There’s not, and never was, a logical opposition to Sunday sales.

              1. Actually, at least one good study shows that alcohol-related injuries and deaths increase when Sunday sales prohibitions are removed. But that’s a six-day per week vs. seven-day per week effect, not a religious issue.

                  1. Or banning alcohol all 7 days of the week. That would surely reduce alcohol related accidents as well! But it would still not be a desireable policy given our experience with Prohibition.

                    I bet the studies that show that alcohol-related accidents decrease when there is a Sunday ban, does not take into account a state like Georgia where you could serve in a restaurant/bar on Sunday, but not buy it at retail in a store to consume at home. I would bet that alcohol-related accidents actually increase in such an environment.

                    In any event, the people have spoken and they want Sunday sales! Overwhelmingly.

                  2. +1. And to add to that, I’d much rather share a MARTA train with drunk, crazy passengers than share the road with drunk, crazy drivers.

                    1. To DM’s post below:

                      Well, I didn’t say I’d want to be a train (or bus) driver. They couldn’t pay me enough to do those jobs.

                1. Maybe, but honestly I read the paper everyday, and I don’t recall a major movement to keep the Sunday ban in place solely for safety reasons. Everything I read cited religious beliefs, a few threw in tidbits of “the sky is falling” type accident predictions to back up their convictions, and most every other comment I read went something like, “why can’t they just get it in advance.” If alcohol is so dangerous, it needs to be banned everyday, everywhere, and not just on the Lord’s day (which is why it couldn’t be bought on Sunday in the first place.) And if it’s not, then there’s no reason to legitimate reason to ban it solely on Sundays from the stores, but tell people it’s perfectly fine to purchase it at a restaurant.

                    1. AHID- I didn’t see any evidence in there that overwhelmingly supported keeping the ban in place. It was actually all over the map, and really by their own assessment there’s just not enough evidence to say anything conclusively.

                      And really my point is, that there is absolutely no logic in having a ban on store purchases, but allowing people to purchase it in restaurants on Sundays. It’s part of the holdover of regulations made on religious grounds, and that’s not a rational approach to law making. Of course I’m one of the heathens that would love to see gambling in all it’s forms legalized here, and start filling some of the budget gaps with those profits. 😉

          2. Yes, I’m proud to say how I voted and I don’t have to give a reason why, it’s my reason and my reason alone, now the subject is closed.

    2. ELG, next time there’s an election, let’s you and me correspond. If we’re going to cancel each other out, maybe we can both just stay home.

          1. Love the avatar, SHB! I once had a boyfriend named Squirrel. You don’t remind me of him since you can form a coherent sentence, but your name always reminds me of his sweetness 🙂

    3. People are voting “no” to Sunday alcohol sales? Must be a quiet bunch – I haven’t heard anyone else take that stance!

      1. It’s not a popular position, but I’m betting there are a lot of people voting against Sunday sales. (though probably not many in Decatur).

          1. I voted, started drinking, and turned on the Herman Cain press conference. I think it’s probably not a good sign when someone says, essentially, that any future allegations will also be lies. As someone on tv just said, this is not a he said vs. she said but he said vs. she said, she said, she said…..

      2. I talked to someone this afternoon whose family owns a gas station / convenience store that does a brisk beer business. They DON’T want Sunday sales because they say it is the one day a week that they don’t have to staff up for alcohol sales, make judgments about age, inebriation, etc., and can do inventory and other admin things. They figure they won’t make more overall sales from having the extra day to sell, but it will cost them their ‘quiet’ day and will require an extra clerk in the store they haven’t had to have before on Sundays.
        I thought that was an interesting take on the issue.

  5. No second wait at 7:38 am at the Baptist church. Got my sticker and had a few people on the train go “Oh yeah, I need to vote”.

  6. No second wait at the Christian Church at about 7:45a. Had my 4-year-old with me, who entertained the poll workers, since only 2 other people were there voting. After I voted, I received the perennial peach voter sticker, and he got 2 pieces of Halloween candy. Actually, he may only get one piece, since both are in my car, and I do have to commute home on Dekalb Ave. Hmmm…

    1. Doesn’t surprise me from that court…

      I particular like the “its no different from” part that is followed up with more unconstitutional examples.

      1. “Doesn’t surprise me from that court…”

        Not sure where you’re statement comes from, but if you’re implying that the decision was made by a liberal, Judge Silberman, the authoring judge in this decision, is a leading judicial conservative and has been for decades. He was appointed by Saint Ronnie in 1985 and given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bush in 2008. The other senior circuit judge concurred with his opinion. The junior circuit judge dissented as to jurisdiction and not deciding the merits. HTH, Jeff.

        1. Nope. I don’t care what political persuasion they are; I have just disagreed with this court in the past. I am not a “conservative.”

          1. WARNING, WARNING. You have (again) deviated from the proscribed single axis political idealogical line.

            Next you’re going to be saying crazy stuff like like “some people will vote for Sunday alcohol sales yet themselves abstain from drinking on Sundays”.

  7. I was pleasantly surprised to see at least ten voters at the Lutheran church when I voted. I expected to see no one. 🙂

  8. Feels good to vote. Hope everyone take the time to do so and enjoy this privilege. Never before has something that only took a few seconds made me feel so good…well that’s not exactly true.

  9. Regarding the Sunday Sales, I was a little confused. I went in thinking that we the people were voting on whether or not to grant the right of Sunday Sales, but if I’m reading things correctly, what we’ve really voted for is to let our Decatur elected officials make the decision instead of having the State make it for us. Technically, our Decatur officials could still say “No” if they wanted to. Is that correct, or am I missing something? This is what it said on my ballot:

    “Shall the governing authority of the City of Decatur, Georgia be authorized to permit and regulate package sales by retailiers of malt beverages, wine and distilled spirits on Sundays between the hours of 12:30 and 11:30 p.m.?” Yes or No.

    1. I think you’re right, Keith, but our commissioners have already indicated in a variety of ways that they would accept the vote as one in favor of Sunday sales and rubber stamp it. At least that’s the impression I’ve gotten.

      1. I think you’re right, but it’s interesting. We weren’t voting only about Sunday Sales but were voting whether we should be able to make the decisions ourselves as a local community. So, if you look at it that way, even if you’re against Sunday Sales, you still may have been in favor of giving our local officials the right. Acutally, if you continue to look at it, you may have wanted it even more if you are AGAINST Sunday Sales. It’s a lot easier to lobby your local government for change than the State government so if the State made a statewide law allowing Sunday Sales, we would have the right to say. “Not in my town!”

        Now I’m getting dizzy. So I OBVIOUSLY wouldn’t choose the drink you put in front of yourself!

      1. I don’t disagree, but the two big things on our ballot are Sunday Sales and SPLOST. Majority rules on the SPLOST but not on the Sunday Sales and I would bet the the majority of the people who vote YES today on Sunday Sales believe that it’s a done deal of the YES vote is the majority. It probably is, but technically the YES majority should not be an automatic indicator to our commision that people want Sunday Sales but technically should be an indicator to them that we want them to make the decision.

  10. I’m sure this is out there in informationland, but, assuming it passes – my burning question is when, oh when – will this take effect?

  11. Enough stimulating discussion already. Any results yet? You know you’re lazy when you can’t even be bothered to go over to the couch and turn on the TV but want DM to give you the instant haiku version of the election.

  12. Early voting: 28 Garrett, 14 Peg
    Precincts have posted results but i don’t have them.
    SPLOST and alcohol won by a huge margin at Holy Trinity.

          1. I think Holy Trinity is an Episcopalian Church. I am not of that faith (so anyone more knowledgeable can chime in here) but I don’t think Episcopalians look at drinking as a sin.

            1. You are correct. And most denominations don’t see it as a sin. This misconception is blown out of proportion by many, especially those who do not understand or come from the South. It is also as much cultural as it is religious. Episcopals, like Catholics & Lutherans, participate in Holy Eucharist every Sunday in obeyance to a command by Christ. My children experienced their first taste of alcohol before they were one. Granted, it was sacramental wine, but Episcopals fully embrace the notion of sharing food and wine with friends and family in glory of our God and our community, on any day. Now, if only I can justify my Tuesday night indulgences…

  13. I had a robocall from Greensboro SC today reminding me to vote for SPLOST *tomorrow*. Go to the polls *tomorrow* *tomorrow* *tomorrow* the caller told me. Too late, I had already voted for it. Kind of a crummy tactic.

      1. I would support a ban on all robocalls, from all organizations. And this is not personal because I don’t have a landline, so I don’t get them. If I did get them, I would make an effort to find a number behind them that I could publish online for the world to see.

  14. The machine that was running the absentee votes was having problems, so I didn’t stay. But the alcohol vote was winning by 90% with NOT all precincts reporting. Garrett carried the precincts and the early votes by something like 400 votes, so the absentee votes could not have swung the vote by that margin.

    1. Sunday sales appears to be winning in by a landslide in all but one or two metro localities. SPLOST too in DeKalb.

      1. The only place in the metro where Sunday sales seems to have lost was Forest Park, but I saw on the noon news that they may be an error and it may have actually passed.

        BTW, for anyone who goes to St Simons, Glynn County passed Sunday sales.

  15. Who do we contact about unsafe polling places? RMS parking lot leading to the gym was dark at 6:30. Not so worried about crime, but it was difficult to see the curbs and sidewalks when on foot.

  16. Politics and elections. Yea! And we’ve got a year more of this at the national level. Yeah I know, it’s a precious right of the free. I’m just not feelin it that way.

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