Woodlands Garden Fulfills Goal of Becoming Independent

Ever since the Morse family handed over 7.2 acres of land over to the Decatur Preservation Alliance in 2002, the endgame for what would soon be called “Woodlands Garden” was to become it’s own independent entity.   This year, that goal became a reality.

According to a note from DPA Board Chair Stephan Swicegood, Woodlands Garden was granted non-profit status and on September 30th the Decatur Preservation Alliance transfered title of the Woodlands property to Woodlands Garden of Decatur, Inc.

Asked about the future of the DPA, Mr. Swicegood told DM…

DPA will live on. For many years now, we have produced (with help) the MLK Service Project that happens around the MLK holiday each January. DPA is the legal and financial entity responsible for the event. With Woodlands on their own, we’re excited about being able to put more time and resources into making MLK an even more successful event.

…our plan going forward is to operate as an all-volunteer organization, which means the maximum amount of our financial resources can go to those we are serving through the MLK project.

For those new to Decatur, the DPA was created back in 2001 to help save the old Decatur Depot from demolition.  (In fact, I just found their old “Help Us Restore the Decatur Depot” website if you’re looking for a blast from the past)  With help from city staff, the org raised over $100,000 to move the Depot just a few feet away from the railroad tracks and took possession of the building from CSX.

3 thoughts on “Woodlands Garden Fulfills Goal of Becoming Independent”

  1. Woodlands Garden is a true Decatur treasure! So is the Decatur Preservation Alliance! Congrats to all involved on achieving stand alone status for this beautiful greenspace! Once the DPA sets their minds to something, amazingly wonderful things happen!

  2. I went to the website and I was confused – is the garden open to the public every day, or only certain hours of the week? I only saw operating hours from 12-4 on Sunday and every other Wednesday.

    Are dogs allowed?

    1. No dogs allowed at all.

      As I understand it, the Wednesday hours are volunteer work days.

      Open to the public 12-4 on Sundays and by appointment.

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