Video from Sunday’s School Board Candidates Forum

Dave over at inDecatur posted two videos, which together show a good portion of the forum between school board candidates Peg Bumgardner and Garrett Goebel at the Church of Decatur Heights on Sunday afternoon.

Bumgardner-Goebel debate for CSD School Board 10/9/2011 Pt 1 of 2 from Dave Kell on Vimeo.

Part II after the jump.

Bumgardner-Goebel debate for CSD School Board 10/9/2011 Pt 2 of 2 from Dave Kell on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “Video from Sunday’s School Board Candidates Forum”

      1. Mr.B sat spellbound in his pew, praise the Lord!

        (Giving Mr. B a squeeze was one of the highlights of my day! :0)

  1. For those who have trouble viewing the videos, due to technical or physical reasons, or simply prefer audio only, an uninterrupted audio of the entire, hour-long debate, from intro to closing, can be heard at

    [I’d send the proprietor of DM the audio file, but my e-mail doesn’t allow attaching a file that large.]

    I continue to be informed, and often amused, by the posts and comments here on DM. Keep up the good work.

  2. Decatur definitely has “Northern Exposure” moments, and they’re simply wonderful.

    I’ll be listening for the Brother Koski’s existentialists’ hour on AM radio soon.

    1. Wow, “Northern Exposure”. I forgot about that great show. That completes the analogy for me–Decatur is Mayberry meets Berkeley meets Northern Exposure!

  3. Thanks for posting the videos, DM. I’m curious as to whether there’s interest in the formation of a “League of Decatur [GA] Voters” or “Decatur [GA] Voters League” which would organized such debates, arrange appropriate sites and times, and promote them. I’d prefer it be open to all and not have any political slant. I’d be happy to play a communications role, but somebody else would probably be better in the leadership role.

    I’ll check back for any comments. If there are none, I’ll assume there’s no interest in the idea.

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