AJC Reports On Eddie Owen’s Opportunity in Duluth

Rick points out this AJC article

On Monday night, the Duluth City Council approved a short-term management agreement with Owen, enabling him to take over the oft-maligned Red Clay Theatre and turn it into an entertainment destination.

“I’m now a freelancer, I now have wings and I’m looking to fly to Duluth,” Owen told the council. “I’ve never ever experienced the infrastructure in place like it is here in Duluth.”

DM was the first to report Eddie’s move to Duluth, HERE.

Photo courtesy of Red Clay Theatre website

4 thoughts on “AJC Reports On Eddie Owen’s Opportunity in Duluth”

    1. I’m pretty sure that same thing would have been said about Decatur when Eddie opened an upstairs nightclub which didn’t allow talking during shows on a near-abandoned square nigh on twenty years ago.

      I can’t say I’ve been to Duluth recently, but I hear good things.

  1. That’s great news! We’ve been involved with a few productions at this theater and it is a beautiful venue much in need of the expertise of someone like Eddie. And, believe it or not, there’s a great deal of performing arts going on OTP. One fantastic performing arts company doing great things for kids in the Duluth area is The Actor’s Edge (http://www.theactorsedge.com). With the right combination of experience, talent, and community support, great things can be achieved.

    Best of luck, Eddie! We’ll be pulling for you and we look forward to heading to Duluth to support your efforts. I encourage others to do the same — downtown Duluth is very quaint and has some nice shops and restaurants. It’s almost like a little budding Decatur. Watch Eddie set it on a path to Decatur-style greatness!

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