Eye on the Street

Presbyterian Seminary, Decatur GA (pic submitted by DTR)

“This is an exciting day! Scientists have long thought the 80’s-era AMC Eagle Station Wagon extinct, but as you can see, at least one survives. I have asked for the Detroit scientific community to come down to the Presbyterian Seminary in Decatur to verify it’s authenticity.”

10 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

  1. Awesome. My first car was an ’81 AMC Spirit fastback, sort-of-light blue inside and out. It became a permanent outdoor locker sometime in eleventh grade.

  2. I liked it back when when most bumpers had a rubber covering. Dings and dents were much less noticeable than now when the slightest little bump scratches the painted bumper.

    1. No kidding. You can run clean over a stop sign going, say, 40 mph and it only leaves a small cut. Trust me. Also makes for a quieter collision so the neighbors won’t wake up.

      1. Yeah, and if you tapped another car by mistake, often it just let a little rubber that could be wiped clean instead of a metallic scratch. Not that I would know or anything…..

  3. And it looks like it is in good shape. Decatur use to have an AMC dealership where Avery Glen apartments are now. My mother bought a 1965 Rambler Ambassador, rose color exterior with white vinyl top and white interior. Traded in a 1964 1/2 Mustang with 3 in the floor. Who knew?

  4. Ha! I had one of those. Eggplant-colored, paneled sides, 4WD. Thanks for the flashback. I’d almost blocked that memory.

  5. My parents’ first new (i.e., not bought used) car was an AMC Hornet Sportabout station wagon circa 1975 or so. Like this, but powder blue. Total piece of junk: after a series of other problems, they finally returned it after the front passenger’s door fell off in the driveway.

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