Morning Metro: James Joyce Going Sports, Hidden Living Walls and Shakespeare Lives

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13 thoughts on “Morning Metro: James Joyce Going Sports, Hidden Living Walls and Shakespeare Lives”

  1. In order:
    Sorry to see them go but hope new place is an all Man Utd hang out. “Glory, Glory…Giggs will still tear you apart”
    Good for her and best of luck.

    1. Upon further and more sober reflection, I wholly support any effort to make the new sports bar an all Man U hang out. If we concentrate all the d-bags and posers in one place, perhaps I can actually enjoy a few Saturdays at Brewhouse without getting into a fight with some idiot wearing a red jersey and being all “Rooooooooney!” While we’re at it, let’s also make it the official bar for the Yankees, Eagles, Duke basketball and Notre Dame football…

      1. “Rooooney, Roooooney!” It just sounds good, sounds right! Have you ever tried yelling “Kuyt, Kuyt.” Someone might think you need the Heimlich. Or “Lampard, Lampard.” That’s just silly (Arsenal fans don’t yell anything this year).

        But MU supporters can be obnoxious. I usually stay home. I agree with every other fan groups you mentioned, except I’d rather drive them all into a large cave and seal it off.

        1. I don’t know who would be yelling “Lampard, Lampard”, but it’s certainly not Chelsea’s manager:

          I do take a guilty pleasure in Arsenal’s struggles. I grew up playing soccer but that was before the internet and cable/satellite tv made it possible to really follow the English League, or any foreign league for that matter. I got hooked on Premiership football in the early to mid-90’s, spending many Saturday mornings at the old Rose and Crown in Buckhead with a friend from London who was a huge Arsenal fan. My friend’s a great guy but I’ve got to say that Arsenal fans as a whole are some real [apologies, DM, I will EDIT myself here]s.

          Arsenal fans are just like Georgia fans. For no apparent reason, they expect to win the championship every year. As soon as they lose their first game they turn on the players and the coach and become just miserable people in general!

          Not having a natural allegiance myself, each year I pretty much root for the best team that is NOT United, Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool. City also now falls into the category of teams I just can’t root for, so it’s looking like Spurs it is this year (don’t give me that Newcastle talk either; as much as I love their beer, they’ve just taken advantage of an easy early schedule and will slide down the table once they play the real teams). Of course, Liverpool has been down for so long that I could probably back them if they ever gave the big guys a run again. But for now:


        2. Rooney?*pffft*
          Love MU but Rooney can go suck it. I still have not forgiven him for his abysmal showing in the last World Cup.

          1. Meh. The WC, and England in partic, is dreadful to watch – too defensive and boring. Wazza is on fire so far in the Prem! What was this thread about originally?

            1. This reminds me of of that old Far Side cartoon, showing what the dog’s owner is saying versus what the dog is actually hearing (blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Rusty blah blah blah blah).

              In other words, I have no idea what you guys are prattling on about. Cricket? Australian Rules football? Curling? Cat juggling? 🙂

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