Decatur Beer Festival Tickets Sell Out in a Little Over 1 Hour

As predicted, Decatur Best Fest tickets sold out in a little more than an hour today. Though the DBF tweeted the sellout around 1:30p, Todd reported that tix were gone by 1:18pm.

Last year’s 7 hour sell-out caught many by surprise, so it’s NO surprise this year that they went much faster.

24 thoughts on “Decatur Beer Festival Tickets Sell Out in a Little Over 1 Hour”

  1. They ought to charge a lot more for these tickets, if they sell out so fast.
    They might not sell out so fast, and the charities would get more money.
    Last year I think they cost $35. This year, they raised it $5 to $40? Next year, at least $50, don’t you think? $60 not out of the question, either.

  2. This was from one of the posts on the facebook site.

    2009: 4,000 tickets sold out in 12 days
    2010: 4,000 tickets sold out in <7 hours
    2011: 4,000 tickets sold out in 88 minutes

  3. Honestly, social media is the reason for the ever decreasing sell out time. In years past you could count on people either forgetting about tickets going on sale for a while, or just putting it last on a list of “to-dos.”

    Now the festival organizers and thousands of Decurites and Atlantans were reminding us about the on-sale date for weeks prior on Facebook and Twitter.

    Also, the word is simply out…cool festival, cool location, great time of year, great weather, great day.

    1. That’s a great point. Last year especially I really noticed more “alerts” that tix were available via Twitter and Facebook. The year before, I was one of a lone few reminding folks.

      And this year is really just a snowball of last year, since so many people were caught unaware by the speed of the sellout.

    1. I think I have posted this in the wrong place originally (the other thread about the festival), but my husband and I miscommunicated and both bought tickets. I will pass the extra set along for what we paid ($87.00 for both–$40 + $3.50 fees each).

    1. yes, I noticed the tix on Craig’s list as well, several entries asking for more than double the face value. I wonder how many were bought with the intention to re-sell for a profit? I find that icky.
      Would it be equally icky to sell them on e-bay, with profits going to the charity of the seller’s choice.
      Any armchair ethicists out there? BTW, this is a purely theoretical question.

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