Black Lab Found in Oakhurst

Mike writes in…

My friends and I were approached by a very friendly black lab last night in Oakhurst. She’s clean and happy just seems to be lost. I’m guessing she’s about 7-8 years old and large, about 90-100 lbs. She was found with no collar and doesn’t have a chip. Will you please post her picture on your website so we can find her owner? She seems a little stressed out and really wanting to go home.

Unfortunately, our only option if we don’t find the owner soon is for her to go to a rescue group or shelter.

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  1. UPDATE: She is back home with her family and they are all very happy! Thanks Decatur Metro for your quick response and posting.

  2. No, please! If you need to move her, we’ll come get her. We have 2 that look just like her, but fortunately for us they are snoring next to me right now. I hope the owners see your post, but DM, please put us in touch if they don’t!

    1. Ditto here. The two in my Gravatar are also laying here next to me and would welcome a playmate while her parents were searched for. DM, you should have my contact info from emails and are welcome to pass it on if they need to get in touch.

  3. DM—i think this is one of the best things you do. i mean, i like to know what is what in Decatur, but the helping a lost dog or cat find a way home is just great.

    and the quick response of readers in the community to circulate the info and even step up to foster these lost souls is just great.

    GREAT i tell you!

    1. Don’t commend me for offering to help. My love of dogs is pretty much evened out by my scorn and hatred for most people 😉

    2. Thanks Lazy. I agree. It’s probably the most regularly rewarding, tangible aspect of the site for me, as well.

      I’ve learned that writing and managing a community blog is a constant balancing act of many things. One of them is keeping your site interesting enough to really be able to reach out to the community when it’s necessary. Lost animals are one example of that. If I just was a site for lost animals, I’d attract a loyal few, but the reach of the site would be limited. By being a mix of many things, and commenters being endlessly entertaining, we can really help folks out in a tangible way when we need to.

  4. I also love what you’re able to do here on the pet stories. Someone left my gate open some years ago, and before I realized it, my baby was gone. Losing a pet like that is terrifying (mine was found a block over by a neighbor)

    This obviously isn’t for the owner of the this sweet dog after their ordeal because they clearly have been through enough, but for people with indoor pets or who have gated areas, please please please, always collar and tag your dog even if they never get out.

    Last year I picked up a dog in the road who had been hit by a car who didn’t have a collar or a tag. When I leaned over to see if it was alive or dead, the frightened pup chmped down on my hand. Because she was not collared, tagged and later discovered not up to date on her shots, she had to go into quarantine for 10 days on top of her multiple injuries and broken bones. The owner later said she never got out, and she probably hadn’t before that. The witch also stiffed me on my medical bills but that’s another story.

    I’m glad this one had a happy ending.

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