Agnes Scott Student in Glamour’s “Top 10 College Women”

I love bragging about my alma mater and fellow Scotties. And as a ukulele enthusiast, I love bragging about my fellow ukers. As it happens, these two worlds of mine collided in the September issue of Glamour, when Agnes Scott College student Tally Deushane was named one of the magazine’s “Top 10 College Women” for her YouTube-fueled fame. The adorably dorky Tally, a literature/creative writing major, has been writing original songs on her el cheapo ukulele from Amazon, videotaping them in her dorm room, and posting them on YouTube. She writes a lot of songs about television shows, and they are funny.

From the Glamour profile: “She didn’t think anyone would watch, but she started getting thousands of hits from viewers in the U.S., Australia, Germany, Italy, France and Brazil—among them the producers of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother, who included her tune about their show on their season-five DVD.”

Tally, who has her sights set on Tina Fey’s career trajectory, has more than 100 ukulele songs on her YouTube page. Here is the latest, which happens to be my very favorite:

(Note especially that black ring on her left hand!)

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13 thoughts on “Agnes Scott Student in Glamour’s “Top 10 College Women””

  1. What a sweetie. Never heard of her before, but I bet we’ll all hear more in the future. Keep it up Tally.

  2. It’s more than okay to be a nerd– it’s practically a prerequisite to head up any kind of profitable company nowadays! (See, e.g., Bill Gates, Jeff Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Page & Brin, et al.) Who was it who said, “Be nice to the nerds– chances are, you’ll be working for them at some point in the future…”?

  3. Wow ! Glad someone with so much talent is right here in Decatur ! Keep up the creative, inspired work, Tally !

  4. Thanks for the awesome article! (Just one note: the uke in that video was not cheap! My first uke was cheap, but that one was $200! I have four ukuleles and plans for a fifth in the next couple of weeks.)

    1. I am pretty sure I saw you walking by the Dairy Queen yesterday in my commute home but resisted the urge to shout at you from my open car window.

      Cool songs! And you have a great voice!

  5. By Glamour Magazine standards, $200 is cheap for a pair of socks. ;P

    Keep it up, Tally. Your enthusiasm is infectious!

  6. A girl gave me an Agnes Scoot bookmark on Saturday, that had AS on one side, and “Smart Women Read” on the other. Maybe they’ll add play the ukulele next year! Fun tune, I shall wear glasses a little more proudly today!

  7. Could she be any more adorable? I love Agnes Scott!

    -Teach (slyly transforming more of your kids into geeks everyday)

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