Decatur High School Brings Back Detention Hall

DHS Teacher Chris Billingsley writes in…

Your readers may be interested in knowing that detention hall, a DHS tradition for many years, has returned after a brief hiatus. The rules are pretty simple: Sign in, sit down, be quiet, act properly, do something constructive and you will be dismissed after 30 minutes. [Above] is what one of our students did to be released early.

I guess some things never change. Enjoy!

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  1. That reminds me that there used to be something in middle and high school called “study hall”–a period scattered throughout the weekly schedule when one was supposed to sit quietly in lecture room or large classroom and work on undone homework or study. It was generally not a good idea. Very often it lead to detention hall because asking a bunch of teen girls to stop giggling and chatting was unrealistic. And usually folks found good places to hang out instead of going to study hall; I can’t remember how we got away of it but I can remember some fun hangouts, often with slightly subversive teachers we thought were cool. I assume that the school day is so busy now that there’s no more study hall.

    1. They had study hall waaaayyyy back when I was in school. My Senior year I ended up with a study hall for my first period of the day. You know what that meant, right? Yup, breakfast out virtually every day! I just had to be back in time for homeroom, which was between first and second periods, in order to be counted or else you’d be counted absent and they’d call the parents . You are right that it was not conducive to doing anything close to what its name implied. 🙂

  2. Reminds me of my high school days. We called it J.U.G. for “Justice Under God.” I went to a Jesuit H.S. Some guys would have WEEKS of J.U.G. at a time. Luckily I would only pop in from time to time for being late for a class.

    1. I was wondering too. Was the alternative forced labor in the organic garden? Writing an essay about the IB traits that were not demonstrated?

  3. When I was in High School everyone had these binders/notebooks witha blus fabric cover that was awesome for doodling – I remember that Led Zep and Van Halen Logos were cool.

    I love it – brings back memories.

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