Fight Breaks Out at Decatur Chik-Fil-A Among “High School Boys”

Decaturmomof3 writes in…

I just had to leave Chick-fil-a in downtown Decatur because a big fist fight broke out between a bunch of high school boys. It was really scary to witness for me because I had my 7, 5 and 3 year old kids and these boys were running all around the dining room. We were just trying to enjoy an after school treat until a large number of high school kids showed up at the same time. It looked like most of them were not even buying anything. I called Chick-fil-a and they said they are trying to work with the Decatur police. I will not return to the dining room in the afternoon until they can get something worked out. The high school kids tore out of Chick-fil-a and ran towards the Square.

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  1. Holy crap ! Violence can happen anywhere, even in normally peaceful Decatur. Glad you and your family are safe.

  2. I realize that violence can happen anywhere. I was just posting as more of a “head’s up” for others with little kids, so they can stick to the drive thru in the afternon until this situation is fixed unless this sort of thing doesn’t bother them. Apparently the police were there yesterday as well (there wasn’t a fight or anything).

      1. The manager at Chick fil a was the one who said they’ve been having problems with these kids. I would say that starting fights in the middle of Chick fil a is something that needs to be addressed. I don’t think I’m over reacting. I have small children to think about and keep safe. I don’t need them to see this sort of behavior or possibly get hurt. They were very scared and I’m sure if you had a 3 year old witness this you would feel bad as well. She was very scared. These were not toddlers running around causing problems.

        I would think that not allowing quite so many people into the dining room at once would be a start especially since most of the patrons were not even eating. This is between Chick fil a, the police and the kids causing the problem. I was simply pointing out what happened.

        I also never said they were DHS kids. I said high school b/c they surely did not look like middle school kids to me, but what do I know.

        1. Snarky responses to Decmomof3 from people like RScott and cuba is why I frequent DM so much less lately. I don’t get why so many people pick people’s comments to death. Decaturmomof3 witnessed a violent event, traumatic and surprising for an adult and even more so for a child. It also could have escalated to the use of weapons…who knows what these kids may have had on them.

          Decaturmomof3 simply stated what happened when she and her family were at Chick Fil A (which I appreciate knowing about since my high schooler goes there often after school) and she gave her opinion on not wanting to return for a while. I totally understand where she is coming from and would have reacted the same way if I had witnessed a violent event like that with my small children. So why do people feel a need to dissect her opinion? Isn’t that why we come to DM…to hear various people’s thoughts and opinions?

          1. Sarah, my response to DMof3 wasn’t me being snarky, it was asking an honest question. (And for the record, RScott didn’t actually say anything at all, but merely “dittoed” what cl asked– which was actually a reasonable question in light of how seriously DMof3 seemed to be taking things.) Nobody is picking her comments apart, sniping at her, or telling her she shouldn’t be relaying what she witnessed, or her impressions of it. But this IS a public forum, and when someone puts stuff out there, others are going to comment/give feedback/ask follow-up questions. If our relatively innocuous comments are enough to make you feel unwelcome or afraid to comment, let me be the first to tell that I’m sorry I made you feel that way, but you also would do better to grow a thicker hide.

            1. Serious question – do you really consider Decatur Metro a public forum? I mean I guess it is accessible to anyone with a browser, but I would never describe it as public. A mysterious dude owns it and reserves many rights to control content. NBD, just thought it was interesting to see that description.

              1. I guess if your definition for “public” means completely unmoderated & no e-mail requirement, then this might not fit the bill. Otherwise, it’s a public forum.

            2. Revenue-Negative Household (a.k.a., My unruly brood is here to clog your sidewalks and erode your tax base.) says:

              Perhaps she confused you with golazo? Should I even jest that we all look the same to Sarah …

          2. Sarah, bb and others, “+1” is snarky? All I requested was more explanation about what she meant by “working things out” and “getting it fixed.” how is that inappropriate? now decaturmom has explained what she meant…overcrowding and that there had been some other recent issues. And voila, I understand her point better. Communicating and understanding is a process, not a one-shot deal.

            And by the way, I have two kids, age six and three, we go there all the time and I had never seen or heard about any such problem so this was a surprise to me…just in case you wanted a little background on why I was looking for clarification.

            And finally, i think it is interesting that some are boycotting DM because of disagreements with comments. It is certainly fair and even necessary to call someone out for being insensitive or rude but that, even still, takes participation. For me, I come to DM to read and stay somewhat better informed but also to discuss, not primarily with people who share my opinion, but more with those that disagree, albeit in a civil way I hope. that is when I can really learn something. Maybe this is a good reminder to make sure I am not being insensitive, but I am not going to censor my opinions or questioning of others to the degree that it becomes bland. Thanks.

            1. That seems like a reasonable approach–stay true to your opinions, concerns, questions but be careful about not seeming to attack a particular poster personally. That’s certainly what I have tried to do regarding CSD related comments.

            2. Right, I think you can have strong opinions and even be vehemently opposed to something without being condescending or judgemental to other posters. So the term boycott is kind of strong, it’s more that I don’t like the way this site feels any more and I simply visit less often. In general there’s just a more negative, sometimes aggressive tone that wears on me. Just feels like an element of respect is lacking in a lot of comments….again, general statement that sums up several months for me. I think Karass is a great example of expressing her opinions in an clear and articulate way without ever mocking or being snide. And yes, you’re also right RScott that communication is a back and forth until things become clear.

        2. I really do appreciate having your observation and knowing something happened. I just wanted to know if it was a factual observation or a fear based rumor. My high school son is also there many afternoons. We do not need to be fearful of groups of youth. We were all part of that once! I was glad to lean from him that he was not there yesterday.

    1. Don’t you think you’re overreacting just a bit? You’re going to let a relatively isolated incident keep you from going to the Chik-Fil-A in the afternoons?? Really???

        1. I’d go back because I love Chik-Fil-A! The better question is: Why would I let a couple of isolated incidents keep me from patronizing a place I like?

        1. I don’t think I’m being insensitive– at least, it certainly isn’t my intent. The “spawnless”? Really? You ask me to be sensitive in one breath, and use a term like that in the other? C’mon, now. I’m not one of those posters who constantly uses derogatory slang terms for kids, so please don’t tar me with the same brush.

          1. Sorry, I’m pissed about stuff in the other thread – which you seemed to enjoy – and at myself for allowing all this parent v. non-parent restaurant name-calling to go on for so long.

            I used to be better about this, but I guess I’m just getting worn down.

            1. With apologies (because everyone’s perception is personal to them), you seem to me like you’re overreacting >>>just a bit<<<. Perhaps your being a new parent has sharpened your sensibilities, but really, DM– nobody was laughing at anyone's "opinions", just chiding some of the posters whose 1st reaction is to wonder why a new business doesn't seem to be catering to the children. I truly don't think anyone really meant to be mean, or to come off that way, but obviously, some of it's touched a nerve with you.

              1. Certainly possible that it hit a nerve. Though I like “sharpened my sensibilities” better!

                I actually side with you on this particular critique, I just didn’t like the way some folks went about expressing it. Honestly, some of the chiding has seemed to create an environment conducive to comments from first-timers, which never saw the light of day, saying some REALLY not-nice things about kids in restaurants. I just feel like we need to dial it back a bit.

                It’s a worthy discussion topic, but I’d like to leave the scoffing and “names” for another place.

                1. Years ago, Cuba and I had a kerfuffle regarding kids in restaurants. That must’ve been 4 years ago, maybe more. Now I consider her the more reasoned voices when current discussions take place. I’ve grown quite fond of her anonymous yet rich online personality, even if she has lotsa limes but no spawn. (I imagine her to be a sultry bannister in the mold of a Christina Hendricks, oh never mind.)

                  I think this skirmish is never ending. Decatur is a lively town for the childless, lotsa pubs, restaurants, and the like. Also, it’s a great place for families because of the schools AND the bars. I understand that the childless want to enjoy a meal on the patio at the UJ without some snot nosed kid crawling under your table. I think some parents need to step up. But I think the nonparents need to lighten up.

                2. I think you two should exchange email addresses and continue your personal conversation offline. Or, better yet, meet for a cup of coffee. At a Decatur coffee house, of course.

                    1. Say whah? I know you di’int just tell the blogfather he’s gotta take his conversation offline…

  3. I love DM! Now I have to go text my offspring and make sure they are all at where they are supposed to be! Thanks, bye!

    PS: Maybe they weren’t DHS kids but similar in size and appearance. One can hope!

  4. I know someone whose son was robbed of a cell phone at the Chick-Fil-A last week and I understand (pure hearsay) that there was a similar incident on the square today.

      1. The mother of the boy (a DHS freshman) who was robbed of his phone last week told me he was accosted in the CFA parking lot by older teens, one of whom asked him if he would like to get shot. Her spent a couple of hours with Decatur police. She posted this to her Facebook Wall today:
        “Phone bandit that robbed (redacted) last week just truck again up on the square. Preying on our freshmen kids. Police were all over it. I hope they catch him this time.”
        Call it rumor if you want. Like I said, hearsay. And the mom says her son told her the fight and today’s robbery on the Square were related. More hearsay. Perhaps someone will confirm.

      1. charge whoever shows up on the store security camera tapes. and keep an eye on youtube… it’s not unlikely that one or more of their knucklehead friends have camera phone clips.

  5. This is actually a refreshing change of pace for me, since usually it’s my 3-year old who is running all around the dining room at Chick-fil-A. (I kid!)

  6. It’s probably because they aren’t getting enough sleep! decatur high school starts earlier this year and the teenagers are out earlier in the day. they should have mandatory naps in school imho.

    1. Well, if this is Decatur High School boys and they would have been in class still at the same time last year …….I did say on this blog that I’d rather that high school kids had more time on their hands in the morning than in the afternoon when studies show trouble happens. I have never heard of a fight at Chik Fil A at 8 AM in the morning!

      But I’m still holding out that it wasn’t DHS kids. It usually isn’t when there’s high school fights in town It’s usually kids come over from somewhere else looking for trouble. Or maybe it was dropouts.

  7. DM: Hope you will be able to find out some info from Decatur Police or Chik Fil A (or is it Chick Fil A, I’m so confused). Cristina Crays at CFA has been a wonderful partner of CSD PTO/PTAs so many of us consider her establishment as a second home. On the other hand, we have to give our free ranging children good advice about where to go and not go, especially alone or in the evening, and how to behave if they see trouble.

  8. I suspect what started this altercation in the CFA is a teenager was talking about something in a reasonable manner and another teenager, who likes confrontations, made a snarky comment back in an effort to get something started.

  9. Some practical questions:

    1. Does CF have security cameras from which perps could be id’d?
    2. If kids are caught, prosecuted and convicted, can part of their punishment include banishment from CF for some period of time?

    1. Don’t know the answer to #1, though I imagine there are cameras at least for the counter area.
      As for #2, certainly yes.

  10. Maybe Truett Cathy could hold a prayer vigil for peace. I heard that chicken nuggets were used as weapons of mass consumption during the fight.

  11. DM, any word from the Decatur police on this or any of the other above referenced recent incidents with high school aged kids in the Square?

  12. I’m surprised that no one has suggested that maybe CFA needs to employ off-duty officers during certain hours.

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