Confirmed: David Sweeney Joins Cakes & Ale

Kristin Allin of Cakes & Ale confirmed to DM last night that Dynamic Dish’s David Sweeney will head the bakery and will head up the restaurants lunch menu going forward.

Above is a short Youtube video that featured Sweeney back during his Dynamic Dish days.

h/t: FoodieBuddha

10 thoughts on “Confirmed: David Sweeney Joins Cakes & Ale”

  1. Wow…This is big news. Sweeney is much loved locally and the closing Dynamic Dish hit some folks around here pretty hard. More recently, he’s been co-hosting occasional events with Guy Wong at the divine Miso Izakaya. Haven’t had the privilege of attending one of those, but I’ve heard great things.

    Sweeney’s food philosophy dovetails quite nicely with the Allins. This is a minor coup for Cakes & Ale at a time when I didn’t think it was possible to be more excited about them.

  2. I love it ! Half-glass empty says pretentious, but half-glass full says “we care about the quality of our food”. We’ve been in their already-opened bakery a couple of times and have been very impressed with the professional and courteous staff.

  3. We went to the bakery on Saturday for breakfast. The French press coffee was awesome, as were the multitude of carbolicious items we ordered. We were all very happy, including our almost-3-year-old. Can’t wait to try the lunch menu!

    1. They can pull decent shots of espresso and their chocolate chip cookies are awesome. Our 4-yr-old daughter loves that place.

        1. She’s even more sophisticated than that : she carries her own 21g “3-shot” La Marzocco baskets, gives that to the barista, monitors the head temperature with an infrared, remote temperature sensor, and stops the pull @ 15secs or when the head temperature dips below 97C, whichever comes first. She rejects the shot if it ever gets to 95C or below or if the crema is sub-par.

          Seriously, though, espresso for dad, cookie for daughter 😉

  4. Mr. Sweeney is very proud of his lunch menu. I had a rock shrimp salad and tap water for $16 yesterday for lunch. Pretty outrageous price, but I thought maybe there would be enough for left overs. Boy, was I wrong! The salad was appetizer size for $16. It was tasty but hardly worth it because I was starving by 4:00. My friend had a crostini for over $9. It also looked like a small appetizer. She had to eat her frozen Smart One at 4:00. I don’t have a problem with small plates, but it needs to be reflected in the price. The bakery prices don’t look as outrageous as the lunch prices so maybe the bakery can survive but the lunch menu needs some serious adjustments.

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