78 thoughts on “Winning Georgia License Plate Revealed”

  1. Unfortunate indeed. Have we no design sense, Georgia? There may be one positive effect of this pitiful design — perhaps more people will pay extra for a prestige plate and, thereby, support many of our state’s great causes and at the same time reduce the number of these hideous plates we have to see!

  2. Heard on the news this morning that for an extra $1 you can get the “In God We Trust” sticker. Wonder if there are any other choices?

    1. I would pay $10 for a “In the Flying Spaghetti Monster we trust” sticker.

      They could also probably sell “In the Republican/Democratic Party I Trust” stickers like hotcakes.

    1. Hmm, I see to be the lone wolf on this one. Lighten up, curmudgeons! I mean, you have to admit, it’s an improvement from the current plain jane plate.

      1. I like the current Plain Jane. It should be plainer and Janer. I’d like a plate that will look OK on any type of car, any color.

        1. I agree. I was pretty excited when the more detailed plates started taking over in the 90s, but now I occasionally see an old two-color plate and miss them. Actually, NY’s new plate is pretty basic.

          1. Basic yes, but much better in my opinion. Clean and simple – understated and pretty. Two colors and some nice fonts – done.

    2. I think it looks okay as a graphic on a screen up close, but I think a lot of the detail is going to get lost when it’s translated to a license plate.

  3. Jeez that is horrible – I mean what is it with the Peach? Why does it always come down to this piece of fruit? Who actually likes this art class 101 illustration of a peach orchard? Just keep it to a simple design utilizing color and fonts! I am actually surprised we don’t have to pay a dollar to NOT have “In God We Trust” emblazoned on the plate.

    1. No one seems to be defending this masterpiece

      IMO: The pony butt one actually looked better

    2. Oh come on. What peach orchard doesn’t have fully ripe, perfectly shaped and neatly stacked peaches lying on the ground in spring, when the tree itself is still flowering?

      1. Yes, that image perfectly captures the scene travelers experience along the entire length of I-85 in Georgia.

    3. I seem to recall from an earlier tag redesign that there was discussion of a law on the books that required a peach on the tag. The old “plain jane” green on white tags didn’t comply with the law so they used that as added incentive to go with a more decorative version. Did I just dream that?

      1. If this is true then that is just about as insane as it gets. People actually took time to put a law on the books that made putting a peach on the license plate mandatory – my god!!

  4. Question, so everyone must receive the new tag or only with the purchase of a new car/if you want to?

    1. +1, yes and all that’s missing in the background is an image of Tara, with Scarlett with her umbrella standing out front

        1. Or the theme from “Laura” — 20th Century Fox, 1944, starring Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews.
          Crap, now I’ve got rotating ear worms.

      1. Ah do declayah.

        And, Jawj … Ah b’leve it’s spelled “hawngry.”

  5. Oh, my…..
    I would have preferred the scene where Rhett is grabbing Scarlett aggressively, pre kiss, or, Scarlett holding up the clump of roots to the sky, vowing to never go hungry again. But, that’s why I’m not a License Plate Designer.

  6. At least the peaches don’t look like butts. One of the previous contenders had a peach that looked like a big ol’ butt.

  7. Had decided it’s about time to carefully weigh the cost of upkeep on an old car against the pain of a new car payment and the agony and aggravation of acquiring a new car. Now I have another good motivation to just keep going with the old one.

  8. Personally I’ve always thought the “stars fall on Alabama” plate is nice-looking. How did they get their act together to approve a decent design?

    Yes, the peaches totally look like pumpkins to me.

    1. Maybe it’s cuz GA peaches aren’t very good. South cakalaka peaches are better. Never had em from chile.

  9. That’s bad enough to make Ray Charles thankful to be blind…and dead.

    No peace, no peace I find

  10. I think the strategy is to make the default plate unattractive so you will consider buying one of the ones that cost extra $.

  11. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me
    I think I’ll go eat worms
    Big fat juicy ones
    Eensie weensy squeensy ones
    See how they wiggle and squirm

    1. I really thought you’d go with Sir Mix-A-Lot’s classic composition on this occassion. (I like big butts and I cannot lie…)

      1. Wow, that is truly juvenile. Maybe it was the winner of an elementary school contest, in which case I would think it was cute but should have some indicator of the artist’s age.

  12. Better than the current design? Yes. Best choice? Nope. Tak a look at Arizona or New Mexico for great designs (I’m sure there are others as well). This plate is much too busy. It’s a license plate, not a mobile mural.

  13. Atlanta Schools cheating and now this.Did anyone pass Art Class? Where are the people who passed Art Class?Is this the best they could come up with?Atlanta is the Capitol and it was not in any of the Designs.

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