Renderings of Decatur Hotel Renovation Now Online


A check of the Decatur Hotel website reveals these renderings of the upcoming renovations for Decatur’s old Holiday Inn building.   As for timing, macrolina recently wrote in a comment

…the reservationist told me they start renos the first week of Oct and will be closed through the beginning of 2012.

A few more photos after the jump!

22 thoughts on “Renderings of Decatur Hotel Renovation Now Online”

    1. As someone who is unlikely to stay there, but IS likely to walk by, that’s the picture I was looking forward to also!

    1. Me, too….Or maybe, not so much shocked as taken aback. I don’t really understand the compulsion to make gratuitous, derogatory comments about matters of personal preference and taste.

      1. Honestly, I’m surprised you guys are shocked. Other than Native, you guys have been hanging around here for a while.

      2. Sorry but this is not an attractive building. How much can you do with a huge , cold atrium that has beige Dri-vet type stuff running from floor to ceiling.

        I know everyone is anxious for a new hotel but seriously, if this were a proposal for a new building rather than a re-do of an old place – would everyone be saying the above photos look like a good fit for Decatur?

        Of course the appearance of the building is no fault of the new owners. Luckily it isn’t the most important factor for the success of the business. If the new owners are more organized and welcoming and keep the place cleaner than the Holiday Inn of recent years, they will have a very successful hotel.

      3. This is the interwebs, where anonymity emboldens petty people to express themselves wight fear of real world retaliation. Trolls are best ignored.

  1. I actually kind of like it. i agree, though, that it would be nice if they could incorporate some outside space. but, not sure they have the layout to do that.

  2. Yes, still pretty beige. Shame they didn’t dare to go for a brighter color scheme. The room rendering is nice, but the restaurant area is dangerously swinger pad-esque. Some simpler patterns, add some red accents to all the neutrals. But more than the look, I wonder what the experienced will be like? Upmarket boutique, middle of the road, or just another hotel? Wonder if they’re trying for a different demo than Holiday Inn.

  3. I think it looks great! So glad to have a place for out of town guests to stay when my house doth overflow.

  4. Looks nice. Glad that it is being updated. The worst part about the hotel, though, is the lack of natural sunlight in rooms that face the courtyard. I stayed there once in one of those rooms and it was pretty depressing. I wonder if they can address that in the reno?

  5. Here’s a shoutout to the Decatur firm Rutledge Alcock Architects for getting the work. Great job, fellas!

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