Suburban Lanes Robbed Last Saturday

Just reported this morning, but the article says this event took place Saturday morning.

North Druid Hills Patch reports that Suburban Lanes bowling alley was robbed by armed gun man last Saturday morning around 2:30am.  Here’s a blurb…

Two bowling alley employees were working at about 2:30am when two suspects carrying guns entered the building at 2619 North Decatur Rd. either by using a key or coming through an unlocked door, the police report said.

The suspects stole $2,600 from the cash office’s unlocked safe and kicked in the manager’s office door to disengage the security cameras and steal two laptop computers worth about $2,000. The incident was recorded, however, the report said.

11 thoughts on “Suburban Lanes Robbed Last Saturday”

  1. Get your minds out of the gutter. Thankfully they spared the employees and split. Hopefully won’t strike again.

  2. Armed robbery is way too scary for a few dollars, and these days, you can’t even count on other criminals shaming the bowling alley bandits into using the kiddie table during the holidays.

    Crime sucks.

  3. My guess is that it was a former employee. People who rob bowling alleys aren’t smart enough to disengage laptops and security systems… if only they could mark bills with the shoe spray.

    1. That’s fine if you know how to use a concealed permit and hang around the bowling alley at 2:30 AM. But my guess is that many citizens would be more likely to shoot themselves or their family accidentally than save themselves from a robbery.

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