Fox5 Visited Decatur Square This Morning

The AsianCajuns’ Lauren Lee points out that Fox5 was bubbling it up around Decatur Square this morning as part of their week-long “Be Square” series, showcasing town squares around metro Atlanta.  One of the three segments is featured above.  If you can handle the correspondents’ intense level of interest in all things Decatur, there are two other segments – with one featuring the AsianCajuns! – HERE.

6 thoughts on “Fox5 Visited Decatur Square This Morning”

  1. Ooooh, the family is going to enjoy these videos tonight. We’re real fans of Farmburger, the Asian Cajuns, the Mayor, Lori Ronca, Beth Thompson, and, when there’s a big sale (as I learned there is NOW!), Squash Blossom. Nice to see Iberian Pig, Brick Store, and Decatur Bikes featured too.

    Good work Decatur!

  2. I am glad they got beyond our great restaurant scene, to showcase some of the shops which support our local artists, like Homegrown!

    1. Sure, if you count fast food places, coffee shops, office building cafes, etc. There’s ~72 by my quick count on the City website and that didn’t include coffee places like Dancing Goats or fast food places like McDonalds or Dairy Queen.

  3. Glad to see my associate made her way in from the burbs to see our quaint little town. I know she found it simply charming. Did I mention quaint?

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