Johnny’s Pizza Closed

Billy sent in this picture of the front windows of Johnny’s Pizza late yesterday.

Closed for good?  Closed for renovation?  Who knows!

33 thoughts on “Johnny’s Pizza Closed”

  1. Strange that they didn’t post some sort of simple note or explanation other than “closed”. I know pizza and Johnny’s has been debated before on this site, but I’m sad to see it go.

  2. Last time I went in there it smelled more like feet than pizza. Not sure if the closing is permanent or not, and I actually liked the pizza, but the place needs a revamp.

  3. I gave up going there a long time ago when the TV was so loud, it was echoing throughout the restaurant.

    And pizza has cheese. Ick.

    1. I have determined, Token, that your rank hatred of BOTH wine and cheese, arguable two of the most civilized substances ever created by mankind, can only be explained by the fact that you are actually a Cylon, instead of a human. You’ve revealed yourself, imposter!!!

      1. You forgot the third of the civilized substances…chocolate! And I do love chocolate.

        And I’m not a Cylon. They tend to be noticed out in public, what with the red moving eye and metal body. I prefer to be a Terminator. Yeah, a Terminator. How cool would that be?

        “I’ll be back.”

            1. I think we both just outed ourselves as great big ole geeks, Cubalibre. So, so impressed that you cited Tricia Helfer.

  4. It’s closed as Johnny’s and will reopen with a new concept in a few weeks. Deli, I think.

  5. I bet the high schoolers and skaters are bummed. Seemed like those types hung there quite a bit. Seems like a smart, proactive move, though. There’s already a plethora of pizza parlors prior to Sapori opening.

  6. A few weeks ago, went in and the air conditioning wasn’t working. With the pizza ovens, it was very unpleasant.

  7. Pizza was average, mural great, new authentic pizza place (Napoli) would of forced closure anyways, so they are at least pro-active….they should keep the NY feel and open a true “Carnegie” type deli in that place. The casual deli cafe is a miss, differentiate, high end meats, big NY type deli sandwiches….I would consider patronizing that…no true deli’s around…

    1. and latkes, and Cel-Ray, and blinis, and bagels with lox, and kreplach, and fatty brisket.

    2. As a native New Yorker, I am offended by Johnny’s use my home town’s name associated with what they called “pizza.” Closure is good.

      There is good NY deli: Bagel Palace, though he is from da Bronx. Brooklyn has the best delis.

  8. i’ll miss it. i liked the people that worked there and it was super convenient. i’ve certainly had worse pizza.

  9. Wont miss it. Haven’t been there in over 10 years. There have been far better pizza places in town for a long time. Hope a good restaurant comes in.

  10. The pizza was always so bad…..I always assumed it was some kind of mafia front.

    (Just kidding!)

  11. I ate a lot of pizza from Johnny’s in Decatur back in 2001/2002 when I had a thing for one of their delivery guys. At the time, they were the only place that would deliver to my apartment. Haven’t been there in a while, but thanks for the memories anyway, Johnny’s.

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