Decatur gas station reopens as… (rolls dice)… gas station


The bar is high for gas stations in Decatur–one former station won a James Beard award,  another is a model for a burgeoning taqueria franchise, and yet another once sold a beer for over $2500. And that’s only the ones on Ponce. Now, the former Hi Tech gas station at the corner of Ponce and Candler, legendary site of Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin’s encounter with Decatur’s marauding undead, is set to reopen over the next couple weeks. Service next week, gas available the week after. Detailing and other stuff soon after that.

The property is getting a facelift. It will wear the Pure Gasoline badge, but the shop itself will be operated under the name “Men With Gas and Tools” The gassy, tooly partnership includes Decatur scion Scott Drake, unofficial Oakhurst mayor Marc Brennan (of U-Joint and Steinbecks), and Joel Ross, onetime master mechanic at the Nissan dealership on Church St.

The Pure station, not intimidated by its competition, is stepping up to the plate and  will be all Decatur–sending a portion of proceeds to various Decatur charities on a rotating basis. But that’s not what has us down here on this end of Ponce excited. No, that would be the fact that they will be stocking prepared foods from the Oakhurst Market. Let me say that again–you’ll be able to get Oakhurst Market goodies right there on Ponce. Can growlers on Sunday be far behind?

30 thoughts on “Decatur gas station reopens as… (rolls dice)… gas station”

  1. Men with Gas and Tools? That sounds like a horrible episode of Home Improvement to me.

  2. Daren, if this is a joke, you are a cruel, cruel man.

    “Filler up, and some gas for the car too.”

  3. I can’t believe they removed the pay phones I chatted on while Abigail Breslin pretended to be hit by my car. (yeah, those scenes didn’t so much make the final cut). But seriously, I’m bummed I never took photos of them for the Atlanta Pay Phone project. Wonder why the phones needed to be removed completely? Actually there was only one still operational, but still…

  4. Wonder why the phones needed to be removed completely?

    Does anyone use pay phones any more except for criminals?

    1. (waves hand)
      Of course, millions of people are criminals without knowing it, but that’s probably not your question. I used one to get directions to my friend’s house when I was otherwise phone-less.

    2. (Waves hand)

      Cell phones can have dead batteries or be in a dead zone or be left at home or be otherwise dysfunctional. But it’s darn hard to find a pay phone these days. There was something egalitarian about pay phones, kind of like mass transit and public schools.

    3. I ended my reign as the last man on earth without a cell phone because I got tired of saying, “I know I’m rocking it like it’s 1985, but is there a payphone nearby?”

    4. “Does anyone use pay phones any more except for criminals?”

      Not sure what you meant by this, but if you meant drug dealers, they generally use cheap, pre-paid cell phones that are untraceable. These phones are also used by other types of criminals. Recently there was a scam reported in which crooks were registering prepaid cellphones under the name “Georgia Powers” (so that name would show up on caller ids.). They’d call people and tell them their power was about to be cut off if they didn’t provide a credit card number to pay their past due bill.
      I’d guess public pay phones are mostly used by the very poor, not criminals.

      1. Uh oh. I give my son a cheap, prepaid cell phone. Actually, I gave one to my husband too who rarely turns it on. And I still find pay phones useful. We aren’t looking very classy as a family, are we?

  5. If this is true, then I for one welcome my new favorite gas-station overloards — and their lovely stash of treats.

  6. Just because I pranked DM on April Fools doesn’t mean I’m going to do it in June.

    This is all comes from verified sources–except for the growlers part. That’s wishful thinking.

  7. Excellent article! But I believe Marc’s partner Marshall is the actual unofficial mayor of Oakhurst. Or maybe Elizabeth Wilson 🙂

    1. Can’t say anything about Marshall vs. Marc, but the lovely Ms. Wilson is Emeritus, I believe. Plus, because her status can’t be revoked and is for life, it might properly be termed “queen”, or “suzerain” at the least.

  8. “Detailing and other stuff soon after that.”

    Stupid question: Does this mean a car wash service?

  9. I’ll never go anywhere else for gas. I’m hoping we’ll continue to see Scott as Sol – I heard he may actually be the main pumper.

    1. I know. I think we’ve ventured into a whole new, uncharted realm of localism on this one!

      A locally focused gas station?? Who’s ever heard of such a thing?

  10. If they really want to keep it “all Decatur”, shouldn’t they also have electric charging stations? And they’d better have free air for bicycle tires!

  11. Argh, there were no zombies in the gas n’ gulp scene! It was used to give those characters some background.

    Speaking of which, what happened to the signs? I sincerely hope they’re still around…

  12. “Men with Gas and Tools.” Not only redundant, but, just about as easy as an Anthony Wiener joke. Regardless, even though I prefer my men to be sans gas, I will be happy to be a customer.

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