DM Evolution Alert: More Voices

First there was me and my cheap…well, free…Wordpress blog – snarking it up to other local bloggers and eventually Parker Cross.  Then there were other commenters.  And then some discussion.  And then a lot of discussion.

Then Lampe-Farley created a DM logo and we threw it onto a whole new website.  Then we tried classifieds.  Then we gave up on classifieds.  Then we started accepting advertising.  Then we added the events calendar, Free-For-All Fridays and Eye on the Street.

“Evolve or die” has always been my motto.  (Actually it’s never been my motto.  I don’t think I have a motto.)

Regardless, I’m excited to announce the next big step in the evolution of this local online monster known as Decatur Metro: more voices!

In an effort to include more news, viewpoints and opinions in our posts (not to mention avoid my total burnout), Decatur Metro will soon feature posts by three new contributors.  And we didn’t just pull these people off the sidewalks – though I’m pretty sure that at least two of them already have an unhealthy love of sidewalks – these are DM commenters who you already know and (maybe even) love!  They are (in alphabetical order)…

  • Andisheh Nouraee – Former Creative Loafing staff writer, syndicated columnist and current purposely vague FFAF grouch and Eye on the Street literalist.
  • “Scott” – long-time, well-respected DM commenter with an urban planning background, who has been known to write a thing or two on community development issues.
  • Daren Wang – Founder of the Decatur Book Festival and self-proclaimed creator of “hare-brained schemes” (like $2,000+ beers!)

(FYI: All contributors were given the option to call themselves whatever they’d like.)

So what does this mean in terms of your day-to-day DM consumption?  Well, you’ll still get all my usual stuff, but now it’ll be accented with these other regular voices.  All three of these fellas have been contributing informally to DM in a lot of ways for a long time, and I’m thrilled they’ve all agreed to give this a go.

In addition to our new contributors, I’m also now formally accepting “Letters to the Editor”.

This is a smart move that Decatur News Online made back in its heyday and I’d like to continue it here in an attempt to further expand DM’s viewpoints,  perspectives, and knowledge base.  Kyle Williams’ TAD commentary from October 2010 is a great example.  To be a bit clearer, these letters aren’t the place for an unhinged rant (ex. “Cars are for jerks!  Sidewalks are for morons!”), but if you’ve got a thorn in your craw or a cause to promote and also the info to back it up, send ‘er in!

I will continue to retain full editorial control over all posts, so DM should remain the online place for thoughtful, lively, local discussion it has long been.

Anyway, that’s the long and short of it.  Hope you enjoy!

28 thoughts on “DM Evolution Alert: More Voices”

  1. I am excited about your evolution. I love Andisheh’s commentary in the Loaf, and look forward to seeing him in my favorite local online rag.

  2. You couldn’t have chosen a better trio to recruit. All three of these guys have thoughtful, amusing and thought-provoking stances, and they always deftly avoid the rancor and baiting that many of us sometimes get sucked into.

    This is great news, and I look forward to enjoying their increased presence on the site.

  3. Very excited about this development! However, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least ask, “Where are the women contributors?”

    …or maybe “Scott” is really a woman? (My apologies to “Scott” if he truly isn’t a woman…the quotes throw me off.)

    1. Apologies accepted, though my wife insists it actually paints me in a more favorable light.

    2. Good question. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a better answer right now than “I recognize the discrepancy and am working to remedy it.” Initially, I’m just trying to determine whether this sort of arrangement works for all parties involved.

  4. Awesome! Now, Andisheh will solve all the problems, whilst Daren cooks the books and Scott plots & plans. All 3 will be at the beck and call of their Dark Lord, DM. Woooo! Can’t wait for the movie!

    1. [*edit: no personal attacks*]!!! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UNDERMINE MY GOLD MEMBERSHIP!!!

    2. Couldn’t agree more . . . except for the Troll thing . . . and maybe the moderation.

  5. My day is not complete without at least checking Decatur Metro once a day.

    Thank you for all that you do and continuing to evolve!

  6. Nice, DM! I really like the op ed additions as well (letters to the editor) and I’m sure you’ll get a bevy of female voices via that route.

    1. “I really like the op ed additions as well (letters to the editor) and I’m sure you’ll get a bevy of female voices via that route.”

      Because that’s what we’re relegated to? Nice.

      (That’s the Agnes Scott grad in me coming out)

      1. Perhaps DM could have a cooking section for us, or a social page? (snark–you know I love you, DM!)

        1. Hints from Heloise? I just can’t get enough of those thrifty tips on how to get ground-in stains out of lace tablecloths!

  7. “(FYI: All contributors were given the option to call themselves whatever they’d like.)”

    So, contributor “Daren Wang” could in fact be someone other than the famous Daren Wang?

    1. Dear kd lang fan,

      To badly paraphrase Sean Connery in the Untouchables, “Who would pretend to be that who wasn’t?”Or why would anyone claim to be me that wasn’t me.

      And Andisheh is the famous one. I have his new book, and it’s hilarious. When it’s the first book to sell a billion copies, you’ll get to say you used to read him way back when…

  8. Blushing for the shout-out.
    Furious for not being invited as guest contributor.
    Well, not furious, exactly, more like jealous. Except my posts are rarely more than 300 characters, and not very thoughtful. Except for that, I’d be perfect.
    This is a giant expansion. Good luck with it.

  9. (FYI: All contributors were given the option to call themselves whatever they’d like.)

    As long as I can continue to call Daren Wang whatever I like I’m OK with this.

  10. Okay. It’s getting close to 24 hours since the big announcement. Who’s gonna go first?

  11. This sounds to me like a very smart and logical plan, for both you and your readers. I must have unknowingly passed along my motto genes… way back in the early 70’s my motto was “evolve (with the technology) or die.” 🙂 Good evolutionary luck and congratulations, my son!

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