Decatur Diner Scores 94 on Health Inspection Follow-Up

Following up on this story, after scoring a 50 on their health inspection in late April, Decatur Diner received a 94 on the retest.

Here’s a link to the report for those interested.

14 thoughts on “Decatur Diner Scores 94 on Health Inspection Follow-Up”

  1. That whole “Insects, rodents, and animals not present” seems to keep giving them problems…oh well roaches won’t kill you, they’re just gross.

  2. quick google search:
    Cockroaches can spread at least
    33 kinds of bacteria, 6 kinds of
    parasitic worms, and 7 other human

  3. Please keep reporting on their score Decatur Metro! Because, I’ll need a few months of high scores before I feel confident enough to return. Hm.

  4. Clearly the owner(s) simply don’t care what is wrong or right. Many of these “offenses” are common sense, such as storing food on the floor! Come on, really? For people who have owned restaurants in the past, they know what not to do.

    Maybe I just have a bad attitude about the place. A few days before they finally opened, I walked in because I thought they were open for business. The neon “OPEN” sign was lit up. The owner was sitting with his feet up in a chair in the middle of the restaurant smoking a cigarette. He was so rude when he literally “shooed” me out and said they weren’t open. I vowed not to go back after that.

    I realize that the Diner corrected most of their mistakes and raised their scores, which is great. BUT, the score never should have been that low in the first place. It just shows you how little regard they have for us.

  5. The one meal I had there qualified as the worst dining experience I have endured in the last decade. It was THAT bad.

    1. Same here. Regardless of their score, their food and their service are terrible; I don’t plan to ever eat there again.

  6. If you read the report, you’ll see that the insects are flies, not roaches. While flies are not sanitary creatures, I’d love to know how many people have fled, screaming in horror, from a restaurant after seeing a fly. As for those who report that the Diner is the single worst dining experience of your lives, I wonder if we’re living on the same planet. I’ve been there a number of times and have only had good experiences and good service. I’ve been there on an off night before, but it wasn’t the worst meal I’ve had. Hyperbole anyone?

    1. It was a very bad meal. Good waitress. Generous portions. The entrees were just edible. The soups (there were two of us) were totally without flavor, except for a disturbing tin can like aftertaste in mine. Neither of us finished 1/3 of the meal. I cannot remember doing that in a decade. I would not go back if the meal was free. I am not picky, and a bit of a pig.

  7. I’m so tired of everyone complaining about everything on this blog. It’s endless. It’s surprising that anyone would want to move here and pay these taxes…… And have to walk everywhere….. And have a hundred restaurants to choose to not go to….. Makes me wanna take pictures of my kids walking along the railroad tracks and post them here.

    JK. That would be stupid.

  8. It seems the complainers are always the same people on every issue in Decatur Metro. I sometimes wonder if you people have a life. If you don’t like the Diner don’t go. They have plenty of business without you. You even complain about the Baby Kroger under the Diner complaints. Really! A group of friends went to the Iberian Pig when the food was not great as well as service and the same at Cakes & Ale. They had off nights. We never started any campaigns against them. I even see it about a néw shop opening and also American Deli. Give these people a chance.

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