Emory Senior Class Prank: Chickens Released In the Woodruff Library

Kathy sends in this video and writes…

About 20 chickens & a couple of roosters were released on the main floor of the Emory Woodruff Library. The picture & video I have were taken after security had corralled them & barricaded them in a hallway.


12 thoughts on “Emory Senior Class Prank: Chickens Released In the Woodruff Library”

  1. Lame. Leave the animals and librarians alone. What ever happened to awesome class pranks, like putting a VW Bus on the roof of the gym?

  2. My class (year and DeKalb County school withheld) put a brick and mortar barricade in front of the main entrance.

  3. It would have been funny watching those little baby yankee Emoroids trying to buy the chickens in the boonies…cue music from Deliverance.

  4. too bad that these birds will now be killed because of the irresponsible students that have nothing better to do. they should have to take them.

  5. This year’s Senior prank at Emory was to unleash a flock of chickens and chicks in our library. Comical, but there are chickens that need homes or they may be put down.

    Around 10 left at Dekalb Animal Control: 404-294-2996. The address is 845 Camp Rd., Decatur, 30032.

    Just found this on another site… not cool

  6. Kids from Emory usually don’t think about things other than their parent’s cash and themselves.

  7. Worry not about the chickens anymore…thanks to my awesome neighbor, all of the chickens have found homes.

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