Exposing Door-to-Door Cons

Ann wrote in with this just a few minutes ago…

I was just solicited by a Traveler (probably out of South Carolina) who had some leftover blacktop and wanted to redo my driveway. This is one of the oldest scams and the tar was probably old engine oil.

I called the DeKalb Police and gave them a description but I thought you might want to publicize this. They prey on the elderly and naive and it just burns me up to see people scammed.

Good to know.  Perhaps it would be a worth while exercise for us to have a conversation about other cons we’ve been exposed to by folks going door-to-door, so that we’re all a little more knowledgeable the next time we get that unexpected knock on the door.  What da’ya think?

Planning for the Post-Carbon Future

UPDATE: In the comments, Eric suggested this video, which provides another take on the past 200 years. Really great!


Though I’m not entirely sure I believe things are quite as bad as this video implies, I think that the short history lesson and the proposed response are right on point.  (But maybe I’m trying to have my cake and eat it too, thinking that any large number of people will make any sort of radical change without hypothetical perils laid before them.)

Our Way Cafe Reopens Today

After a fire destroyed much of the interior over a year-ago, Our Way Cafe in Avondale Estates, reopens its doors today.  From the Avondale Estates “City Happenings” newsletter…

Our Way Cafe celebrates its grand re-opening Monday, April 4th with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10:45 am followed by the doors opening for the lunch crowd at 11:00 am. The 25-year-old restaurant located in the Twin Oaks Shopping Center at 2831 E. College Avenue has been closed since January 2010 due to a fire. The remodeled restaurant features a Tuscany-style decor with archways, polished concrete floors, and Italian sconces. There’s even a cool outside patio that features the handiwork of local artist Jason Smith of Smithworks Iron and Design. Congratulations to Owner Eva Roswall for keeping the faith and for keeping Our Way in Avondale Estates!

Thanks to Valerie for forwarding!