Decatur’s First Backyard Bison

Forget chickens.  Urban homesteading pioneer Allison Adams, who played a key role introducing Decatur to the world of backyard poultry, is taking it to the next level.

From her blog The Southern Urban Homestead

Meet Nellie Oleson, my first baby bison.

Nellie arrived on a methane-powered livestock truck from a ranch in Montana. She is a domesticated breed of the American bison, meaning that genetically she has some cow in her. This makes her (and the additional head I will acquire as I gradually grow my herd) easier to manage as livestock — hopefully she won’t knock down the rain barrels, for example, or trample my dog in a stampede.

…I believe that the bison’s presence in our city signifies a restoration of this land’s once-great biodiversity, not to mention the virtues of homesteading at its most Ma Ingalls authentic. But don’t get too attached. My plan is to raise Nellie to become a protein source, and I’m really looking forward to a nice, thick rug for my own hearthside. In the meantime, the manure is working wonders for my early spring crops.

Allison says that the city has thus far been very helpful and will soon change its municipal code to “accommodate this most American of efforts.”  I can’t wait for that city commission meeting!

23 thoughts on “Decatur’s First Backyard Bison”

  1. I can’t wait to see her being led through the neighborhood on her way to the kudzu patch.

  2. A methane-powered livestock truck! The livestock, themselves, can power the truck! The solution to our energy problems!

  3. well…I fell for it. Just on the pic and byline. And why not? We’ve had/got goats, horses, coyotes, chickens, zombies, copperheads. I’m sure its only a matter of time…

  4. I fell hook line and sinker for this one ! Linked over to her blog and still didn’t catch on.

    Didn’t dawn on me that it is April Fools Day until I scrolled down to the Snookie bit.

  5. April Fool’s, everybody. It’s great when someone can send themselves up like that. Kudos to Allison. (The Clue is that bison don’t eat kudzu. They eat grass.)

  6. EOOOO! Spooky Bison that so not cast their own shadows. Eooooo! Very spooky! 😉 LOL

  7. Serious item: Because of rampant fears of flooding and inadequate parking, CSD Central Office is vacating the building formerly known as Westchester Elementary. It will relocate in the new DHS Gym/Performance Arts facility but will preserve the integrity of the structure so that it can be reused for students if ever needed in the future.

  8. I totally bought it. Ugh. Sent the link to an “urban homesteader” friend of mine before I read the comments.

    Looked up “gullible” in the dictionary too.

  9. Well, I posted that blog this morning because I wanted to have a little fun with my friends (who actually would have no problem believing that I would have a bison in my backyard). I was surprised, I confess, when folks I don’t know began asking me about my bison (fencing? where did you get it? can we come see it?). HUGE props to DM for helping me take it to the next level, and BIG MAD LOVE to Decatur for enjoying the joke with me. My face hurts from laughing all day, pretty much nonstop. What fun.

    Have to go now. My bison needs a walk.

  10. Today is April 2! The world is safe once again for DM readers and fictitious urban baby bison.

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