Fox Brothers’ Big Tex Cantina Construction Photo

We’ve heard – and seen a lot – of the construction underway at the former Eurasia/future no. 246 space on Ponce lately, but not much so much blogoverse chatter about the coming Fox Bros.’ Tex Mex Cantina coming to the old Natalie’s Fish House location.

Well, here’s a pic they posted of their bar-area on Twitter yesterday.

h/t: Omnivore

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  1. Me either! Saw them working away yesterday. Corrugated metal on outside. Ready for some new restaurants.

    1. Kind of a bummer about Fox Bros. getting that 81 health score. Gonna have to re-think eating there until they fix things. Ain’t no way you’re getting quality bbq at any place scoring over 75!

        1. 🙂 Even better, less than hour after I wrote that, a friend who lives way OTP called and asked what we were doing for dinner because he was craving Fox Bros. I told him about the health inspection score and suggested that maybe we should go to Daddy D’z for a grungier experience but he said their lack of smoked wings on the menu put that out of the question. Brisket “Burger” here I come!

      1. Agree! The BBQ places I frequented as a kid probably wouldn’t score 50 – best BBQ ever! That’s why I am extra-extra picky about BBQ. Fox Brothers is always my first choice.

        1. Awww, thanks Cuba! If you do find me for that hug, make it an extra hard one to maybe squeeze out at least half of the smoked wings and brisket burger that I will gorging on very soon!

    2. Health score gotchas have come into vogue recently but most of the general public has a poor understanding of how health scores actually work. They just see a number. The lower, the grosser.

      But ask anyone in the restaurant biz (or any inspectors who are willing to speak candidly) and you’ll discover it’s much more complicated. To quote a friend of mine from her post on a local message board:

      “Health inspection scores don’t enter into my decisions about where to eat. One of the best meals I’ve eaten in Atlanta in my 18 years here was at a restaurant (Honto) that famously scored a 25 on their health inspection. I’d actually love to go back in time and have that meal again.

      As a restaurant manager, I’ve seen lots of things that cause me to doubt the veracity and reliability of health inspections as well. Unfortunately, I took over a location of a restaurant one day, after firing the previous manager, and I happened to get a surprise inspection that same day. I got a score of 79, but that was mainly because the inspector saw enough violations to bring me down to an 83, but she looked around for one more to bring the score under 80, which would mean that she’d have to reinspect within a week, giving me a quick opportunity to get a higher score. I got a 98 on re-inspection.

      Another time, an inspector took 8 points off because he found one hermetically sealed container of non-dairy creamer that was far enough out of the ice bath that it registered 41 degrees, and that counts as “food held at improper temperatures.””

      Incidentally, the lowest rated resto in that AJC blog post was Twain’s with a 68. But if you actually take the time to click through the link, you’ll see that two weeks later they were reinspected and earned a 93.

    1. Count me among the overraters then! I’ve been eating them Fox boys’ grub since they sold it out of Smith’s Olde Bar and was thrilled when the Smith’s guys talked them into opening their own place. I’ll admit, there was a short period right after they opened when I worried that maybe they’d gotten in over their heads and the quality was not as high as expected. But they worked through those early kinks and there’s no place within sixty miles, at a minimum, that I’d take people to for bbq before Fox Bros. If anyone’e basing their opinions or overratedness on early experiences there, get your butt back there now and try it again.

      I understand that bbq is a subjective, personal and emotional thing to many folks, but it seems to me that most people who don’t “get” Fox Bros prefer Fat Matt’s or Maddy’s, which I in turn do not “get”. Fox Bros meats are damn near perfect but what really sets them apart are the sides. The spicy green beans in sauce are simply amazing and even boring potato salad is mouthwatering there. Now that they also make all their desserts in-house, I’d put the entire experience there up against any mid-priced restaurant in the city, let alone bbq places.

      And no, I don’t work for them nor am I in any way affiliated with the place. I just love their food and when I start talking about it, I just can’t stop. Though maybe if I show Justin or Jon this post they’ll send some complimentary smoked wings my way! Or at least some of that sinful chocolate buttercream pie with strawberries and whipped cream 😉

        1. I actually drooled on the keyboard when typing it! I had it for the first time Saturday night. I never get dessert there because I’m always so stuffed from the meat and beer. But the woman and our guest wanted dessert so I “tried” some of theirs. I don’t know how I found room in the tummy for it, but lord it was sinfully good. When I damn near fell asleep at the bar at Yacht Club afterwards, someone commented on how early it was for me to be so drunk and all I could say was “not drunk…Fox Brothers…plus dessert…” They understood.

      1. Count me amongst the “overraters” as well, and I’ll even trump ya….been eating their Q since they were catering out of their home.

        Cool looking bar…looks a lot like the one at Smith’s (Atlanta) and Peerless Saloon (Anniston, AL). Them Nolans have an eye for good lookin’ bars.

        1. I hate being trumped 🙁 But yeah, Beau and Dan got it going on. Don’t forget Mike Reeves either, though! Now if you’ll just tell me where the Fox Boys live, I’ll be happy to stop by their home for my cue fix!

  2. The best BBQ sandwich I’ve ever had was about 20 yrs ago on what is now corridor Z in south ga from a shack that was falling apart and a firepot out front. My god it was an amazing sandwich tho.

    Also for the record. The best BBQ sauce EVER is Johnny Harris BBQ Sauce.

    1. I travel to small South Georgia towns constantly for my paid work. The best food is always found at the most “shacking “looking places, in the worst part of town, that many “big city folks” drive right by, not knowing what they missed. Now I am getting hungry for some soul food!

  3. I have to go with the Ga. Pig just off 95 past Brunswick. It’s a relic and whatever you do, don’t ask for “fries’.

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