Morningside’s “Movies Worth Seeing” Closing Doors

It ain’t Decatur, but Movies Worth Seeing in Morningside is one of the last independent video stores around. So I’m sure it’s closing announcement today is of some interest to all of us who grew up in and around great community video stores.

From Creative Loafing’s Curt Holman

Movies Worth Seeing, for 25 years arguably Atlanta’s most exhaustively complete video and DVD rental store, has announced that it’s going out of business. An email announcement explained that the Virginia-Highlands store will continue to rent movies and TV series during its DVD liquidation sale (beginning at noon today), and did not reveal when it would close its doors for good. As the press release says, “After 25 glorious years, MOVIES WORTH SEEING is going out of business. Thanks, everyone. It’s been a great ride!”

13 thoughts on “Morningside’s “Movies Worth Seeing” Closing Doors”

  1. Very sad! If there was a neighborhood a place like this could make it it would be Morningside. Sorry to see them go.

  2. My family used to drive there from Buckhead back in the VHS days. It’s sad to see them closing, but I haven’t been to a video store in years now – so I can see that it would be a tough business.

  3. Used to walk up there as an early teen in the 80’s. They were one of the first and one of the last! Just noticed Blockbuster at Emory Commons is going out of business, too.

    1. Pretty much all Blockbuster locations in the metro ATL area are in various stages of closing (I track this sort of thing looking for deals). The only one that hasn’t officially thrown up the “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” sale signs is the one on Ponce, but it’s only a matter of time.

  4. Loved that place! I always felt like a kid in a candy store in there. I guess it’s hard to compete when you can get Criterion Collection selections from Netflix Instant View.

    1. Not for long though; Netflix did not renew its licensing deal with Criterion. You will still be able to get the discs by mail though.

      1. Only because Criterion now streams via Hulu.

        I end up buying most of my Criterions anyway. It’s an illness. 😉

  5. I was so sad to hear this today. Went and bought a bunch of their DVD’s on clearance, which was nice I guess, but I’d trade them all for MWS to still be in business. Best video store ever.

  6. For a few years in the 90s, I lived in Lawrenceville, but I would still drive to MWS at least twice a month. And I frequented the Buckhead location before it closed. I don’t go to video stores any more, but I’m sad to hear about the closing of an Atlanta institution.

  7. Bummer. In early ’90s I lived in B’head and my sweetie lived near Medlock Park, so we went to MWS a lot. From the perspective that everything should remain a shrine to my own experience and nostalgia, this is terrible news. Reflecting that I haven’t darkened the doors of a video rental store in at least a decade, it’s hard to complain with a straight face. In any case, the place made life better intown back in the day, and I hope the proprietors got out without big losses.

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