If Built, Atlanta Downtown Streetcar Will Probably Look Like This

According to Thomas Wheatley, Atlanta is planning on purchasing Siemans S70s to run downtown streetcar route, instead of the used vehicles that were first proposed.  Why?

Wheatley explains that unlike the original option the new cars will also be able to run along the Beltline (if connected) and has lower floor doors that makes them more accessible to the handicapped and senior citizens.  These changes have actually convinced a city council-member to switch to supporting the streetcar, after opposing it last year.

Photo of Siemans S70 in Houston

13 thoughts on “If Built, Atlanta Downtown Streetcar Will Probably Look Like This”

  1. “If built”?

    Do you know something I don’t know? Maybe it’s just my optimism that keeps me from seeing the streetcar as anything but a sure thing.

      1. OK, I see what you mean. I’m very eager to see some asphalt get broken up by construction crews so it all feels a little more real.

  2. I heard it was planned to run downtown to mlk’s memorial? Why put it there after marta stopped running its buses on that route? sounds fishy to me. why not expand Marta? marta buses can lower itself for the handicap.

  3. this waste of money is exactly why we should vote in every city, state and federal election – we have to put these bums out and put in some leaders with common sense, please people!!!

      1. DM, that’s my thinking; I’d like to see a specific plan for the “streetcar network.” Proponents speak of it as though it exists.

      2. bum    [buhm]
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        1. George, I believe those are the bums that Fred’s bums will boost from under the Edgewood-Auburn overpass.

    1. Vote what bums out of office? This came from federal funding from Dems. Meanwhile in our GOP-led state we get the Fish Museum which is nationally panned as one of the best examples of corrupt spending. So again, vote who out of office?

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