New Sidewalks for South McDonough & Sams Street

Last night, the Decatur City Commission approved a $54,100 amendment to Phase II of the city’s Sidewalk Improvement Project to fund repairs along 450 existing linear feet of sidewalk on both sides of South McDonough Street between Oakview and East College Ave, along with a new sidewalk on the west-side of Sams Street near the Talley Street Lofts.

During the meeting, Assistant Manager David Junger cited South McDonough’s prominence as a Safe Route to School route as a big reason for the need for that specific upgrade.

According to a note to City Manager Peggy Merriss from Mr. Junger (page 21 of the meeting materials), funds are available from the Capital Bond Fund for the work.

6 thoughts on “New Sidewalks for South McDonough & Sams Street”

  1. Does this include fixing/adding sidewalks over the tracks at S. McDonough? Right now, trying to cross those tracks with a stroller is dangerous.

      1. Since nothing in the linked article supports your statement, could you elaborate on this sinister scheme?

        1. Just referring to this ridiculous comment about 1/3d of the way through the article:

          ‘….where a local politician introduced a plan to install sidewalks late last year. “Cement companies—are they the ones pushing for this? They are the only ones who truly benefit,” says Mr. Saunders. “Nobody walks on King Road. Everybody drives.”‘

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