Close Up Club Looking To Honor DHS Grad Buried in Arlington Cemetery

DHS Close Up Club Sponsor Chris Billingsley writes in…

We were unable to schedule a wreath laying ceremony at the Arlington Cemetery Tomb of the Unknown Soldier [for this year’s trip to D.C.].  I am hoping that someone in Decatur knows of a DHS graduate buried at Arlington. We are planning to purchase a wreath to lay at a graduate’s grave. I already contacted several veteran organizations for this information but it is not common knowledge.

Would you be willing to post a request for Arlington information? I need the exact name of the graduate, branch of service, years of military service, and the dates of birth and death.

Superintendent Sends Out Letter Addressing Parent Concerns About Extending School Day

Parents are writing in about a letter they just received from Superintendent Phyllis Edwards about CSD’s plans to extend the school day for K-3 and high school students. You can read the letter in its entirety HERE.

In the letter, the Superintendent details a list of considerations that need to be taken into account regarding a revised school day and reiterates that there is no action item on tomorrow night’s School Board agenda regarding this, and that she will not make a final decision on this topic until after Spring Break.  Also, to reassure the community that she is listening, the Superintendent says that she met with all the school principals on this topic today and will seek feedback from CSD’s teachers.

City Staff Recommend “No Parking” on Montgomery Street Adjact to Artisan Condos

In a letter to Assistant City Manager David Junger submitted for tonight’s Decatur City Commission meeting, Senior Engineer John Madajewski recommends that the portion of Montgomery Street east of Commerce Drive – adjacent to the Artisan condominiums – be designated “No Parking” on both sides of the street.

Madajewski cites the following reasons for the recommendation:

–  When vehicles are parked adjacent to the Artisan property on the South side of the street along the curb adequate pavement width does not exist to permit two-way traffic flow.  The same situation would occur if vehicles were parked along the North side of the street.

– With the situation described [above] occurring vehicles utilizing the street cannot negotiate past a parked vehicle without blocking the vehicle flow on the street, causing drivers to transition into the opposing travel lane.

Gov. Deal Decides to Keep Pre-K Full-Time

The AJC reports this morning that Gov. Nathan Deal is backing off his plan to change Georgia’s Pre-K program from full-time to part time.  How will Deal keep Pre-K full-time and still cut millions from the program?

…Deal said he’ll meet the objective of slashing millions of dollars in program spending by cutting the pre-k year from 180 days to 160 days. He’ll still expand pre-k enrollment, but by 2,000, not 5,000 students as first proposed two weeks ago.

…Brian Robinson, spokesman for the governor, said teachers will see a pay cut because of the shortened school year, but the salary drop will be 10 percent, not the 30 percent that would have come with Deal’s original plan.

In addition, each pre-kindergarten class will add two extra students, saving about $22 million, Hames said.

I’ll contact CSD and ask how this will affect Pre-K for the coming year.

Thanks to Shelley for the heads-up!!


Decatur Superintendent Warns of Possible Staff Layoffs in Coming Year

In addition to extending the school day at Decatur’s elementary and high schools, Karass points out this other paragraph in the Superintendent’s report (under “Overview”) to the Decatur School Board for tomorrow’s meeting…

While I was not at the last meeting, I heard that there was some concern about the budget presentation. I have worked with Theresa Link and the staff and we have developed possible cuts totaling $750,000. We have been cutting now for a number of years and the choices are not good. There will always be an area that someone will not want cut. However, we think we have prioritized well. This action coupled with the fact that we expect to gather about 1 to 2 million from, believe it or not, additional revenue and this will pull our fund balance up to a respectable starting amount. This year, in April, it may become necessary to put a Reduction In Force (RIF) plan in place. Naturally, we will continue practicing conservative budgeting, such as only accounting for the receipt of a portion of state funds and taxes. In the past, this practice has served us well.

Complex Carbs

UPDATE: The Decatur Farmer’s Market has clarified to both Andisheh and in a comment to Kessler’s post stating that Nazifa “was never formally part of the market and can’t be because her ingredients aren’t local or organic.”  Rick posted the AJC comment in full below.


John Kessler’s got a great piece on his Food and More blog about Nazifa Garib, a native Bosnian making the most in-demand Iraqi flatbread in the Atlanta metropolitan area.  Her store is located in the Fox Trot Center on North Decatur Road, a “no-man’s land” that really is an “everyman’s land”, according to Kessler.  (I concur, as we lived out in this area for 5 years before migrating in-town.)

But as Andisheh points out in an email, don’t come to the Decatur Farmer’s Market looking to buy Nazifa’s breads anymore.  Take it, Kessler…

Now she is looking for ways to expand beyond traditional customers from the nan-eating world. Which, as the crow flies, is close.

A stall at the Decatur Farmers Market earned her praise but it came to a quick end after another merchant there complained she was taking away too many of his customers. (Market manager Duane Marcus confirms this.) This season she may try a stall at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market.