Bad Dog Taqueria To Replace Sprouts Green Cafe in Emory Village

From the Emory Wheel

Cash-strapped students will have another alternative to cafeteria food with the Bad Dog Taqueria, a new restaurant offering tacos filled with dishes ranging from Indian samosas to Korean barbecue pork belly, in April. It will replace Sprouts Green Café in Emory Village.

Lis Hernandez, who formerly worked for Atlanta’s Osteria 832 and Stella restaurants, will be the executive chef.

“We understand that the Emory community is very international, and we didn’t see an international taqueria anywhere, so it seems like the perfect fit,” Bad Dog Taqueria owner Tracy Mitchell said.

The Wheel also notes that Bad Dog will have a full bar, something that all of the failed businesses in that particular space have lacked in recent years.


13 thoughts on “Bad Dog Taqueria To Replace Sprouts Green Cafe in Emory Village”

  1. Off topic a bit, but in the same strip of retail: Why does Everybody’s Pizza close so early? I attended some late-running events at Emory recently and headed over for a beer around 9:30 on a couple of occasions. They were turning people away at 10.

    1. I was a manager there years ago. There is not enough regular business after 10 to warrant keeping the place open past ten. Never has been. An occasional special event at Emory can’t determine staffing all the time.

      1. Thanks for the explanation. Seems like a place that close to a campus would do good late night business, but I guess not.

        1. Remember, Everybody’s is expensive! The menu is not cheap and the clientele is families and professionals, not students. The place probably gets more professors than students these days.

  2. That’s interesting that they will have a full bar. I have always heard that location was too close to the church to allow a liquor license. (The bar next door, Park Bench, was grandfathered in because of the continuity of the liquor license in that spot, according to the story.) Anyway, more (hopefully) delicious tacos for the win!

    1. I believe I recall reading a while back that with the whole “master plan” for Emory Village, they were able to amend that ordinance. Can any Druid Hills folks confirm?

      1. In case that link doesn’t work, in short, all Dekalb county Overlay areas have been given an exemption from the church/distance alcohol ordinance.

    2. If you want real tacos, you have to go to Buford Hwy. El Senor Taco, while a newcomer, is absolutely brilliant.

  3. How did Decatur avoid the controversy over alcohol and church separation? Cakes and Ale is opening up right across “Church” Street from the Presbyterian Church.

    1. I believe that’s covered under the “Cautionary Tale” clause.

      “You see those slathering drunks over there, children? SO DOES THE LORD.”

    2. I believe we avoid it by not having that stipulation in our code. It puts a serious crimp in walkability efforts, anyways, though I don’t know if we had it historically and then took it out.

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