1,368 Frames of Decatur

Carl tweeted about this yesterday.  Decatur 12 year-old Giovanni Tortorici created this film “1,368 Frames of Decatur” for entry in Creative Loafing’s Short Cuts Film contest.

You may remember Giovanni from his 2009 film encouraging Decaturites to recycle.  Great stuff!

8 thoughts on “1,368 Frames of Decatur”

  1. No doubt. There are so many cool kids in this town. Back in the day, the only creative outlet we had growing up was starting a punk rock band. Now it seems like all over town there’s kids stitching together all these different talents — music, media, technology. They blow me away.

  2. Be sure to visit the website at clatl.com/filmcontest starting tomorrow (March 4), where you can actually vote for viewers’ choice winner in the contest. Spread the word! It’d be great to get Decatur the visibility it deserves (and yes, I’m a little biased, but seeing some of the other entries last night, “[1,368] Frames of Decatur” is definitely a strong entry and worthy of your vote.)

  3. Wonderful work GT! I’m forwarding the link to all my friends. Hollywood watch out — you’ll need to keep your eye on this budding talent!

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