CSD To Extend the School Day for K-3 and High School

From Superintendent Phyllis Edwards’ note to the School Board for next week’s meeting…

Simone Elder is working on bus schedules and just the other day, we finalized the start and ending times with the high school getting a 15 minute earlier start and the elementary schools (k-3) will be starting 30 minutes earlier. We have been talking for some time now about the extension of the elementary day and this will address it by 30 minutes and make all schools the same number of hours of instruction. I am putting this change in because of the emphasis on a number of areas of concern regarding the school day e.g., recess along with trying to fit everything into the school day. These start and end times will be vetted with the City so they can make accommodations for guards. We continue to work with the City on determining the best routes to schools.

MARTA Route 2 to Decatur and Braves Shuttle May Be Restored

Steve sends in this announcement that seems to hint that both the Braves Shuttle and MARTA’s Route 2 through Decatur.  Click the notice below to enlarge.  And for the AJC’s take on all this, click here.

1,368 Frames of Decatur

Carl tweeted about this yesterday.  Decatur 12 year-old Giovanni Tortorici created this film “1,368 Frames of Decatur” for entry in Creative Loafing’s Short Cuts Film contest.

You may remember Giovanni from his 2009 film encouraging Decaturites to recycle.  Great stuff!