Cakes & Ale and Taqueria del Sol Nominated for James Beard Awards

The James Beard Award nominations were just announced last night and both Cakes and Ale’s Billy Allin and Cynthia Wong were nominated for awards. Allin was nominated for Best Chef: Southeast and Wong was nominated for Oustanding Pastry Chef.  (Allin is also up for a “People’s Best New Chef: Southeast Award by Food & Wine.  You can vote for him online HERE)

Additionally, the local chain Taqueria del Sol was nominated in the “Outstanding Restaurateur” category.

6 thoughts on “Cakes & Ale and Taqueria del Sol Nominated for James Beard Awards”

  1. Their blurb about Allin’s food is spot-on:

    “Because his unpretentious food reveals a mastery of flavors and execution even in the most humble offerings, like deviled eggs.”

    1. In terms of the food, Cakes and Ale has become my favorite restaurant in Decatur, perhaps my favorite in metro ATL.
      Can’t wait to see how the new place turns out. The one negative for me about the current spot is the cramped seating, so I’m hoping that improves.

  2. Can you imagine how high the already fantastic Taqueria del Sol will be rated when they add the El Loco Lettuce Wrap!

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