Jennifer Garner Filming at Vacant Forrest Hills School Starting Today

Patch reports that the Jennifer Garner movie “Odd Life of Timothy Green” will be filming at the vacant Forrest Hills Elementary School at the end of Forrest Boulevard, near Avondale Park, today through next Monday.

According to Patch, Garner sightings were reported this past weekend at the Botanical Gardens and at South City Kitchen, where she was seen with hubby Ben Affleck.

12 thoughts on “Jennifer Garner Filming at Vacant Forrest Hills School Starting Today”

  1. Forrest Hills Elementary is at the end of Forrest Blvd and Craigie Ave. near Avondale Park, not North Decatur Road.

  2. My husband and I biked through there on Sun. and Craigie is closed along that stretch until 7/7 (I think). We also noticed that the signs at the school had been changed to “Millard Fillmore Middle School” and there were a ton of bikes on the bike racks. Looks like they were staging it then. I noticed the name difference and all the bikes and thought, “Huh, what’s going on with that.” Nice to know I wasn’t crazy.

  3. Hopefully this brings a bit of awareness to the school. We walk by there all the time, and after only a few years of being closed, it’s starting to show signs of neglect (graffiti, broken windows, etc.). Hopefully the Museum School (or some other organization) can utilize the space at some point.

    1. What a waste. Our Board of Education at its finest. The International Community School has tried to utilize this building for years. The Boards has not allowed it. We as taxpayers need to demand that the Board monetize the vacant school buildings.

      1. I live on Emerson and got a note on my door from the film crew. They’ll be filming Thursday, February 10th and Friday, February 11th.

  4. I live in one of the subdivisions off Katie Kerr, and I have been watcing crews erect the film set for several days. I can literally see them film this from any window on the rear of my house! I love Decatur!

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