Decatur Taco Mac Will Close This Summer for Remodel

In case you haven’t seen these comments yet, Old Man Potter alerted us to remodeling at Decatur’s downtown Taco Mac this summer, and Nittany313 filled us in on the details…

The majority of the Taco Mac work is going to be done overnight so there will only be a few weeks where it may be completely closed. There are still multiple floorplans being reviewed but there is some discussion of moving the bar. Instead of being at the back of the restaurant they may turn it so that the bar runs perpendicular with the wall nearest Sawicki’s. This would be similar to their layouts at Johns Creek and Duluth but with a much smaller footprint.

How about adding an addition that expands over the parking lot?  I kid…sort of.

5 thoughts on “Decatur Taco Mac Will Close This Summer for Remodel”

  1. Maybe they’ll take the opportunity to put some sound dampening insulation in the ceiling. I generally like Taco Mac’s food and beer, but it’s always so noisy in there that I can’t enjoy it. It’s like a high school gym with 20 TVs blaring.
    (If it’s too loud, you’re too old?)

  2. Only “sportsbar” in the area where you have to go in there and tell them that there’s a game on!!! You would be surprised at their lack of interest in putting on a meaningful game.

  3. Remodeling? Isn’t the Taco Mac relatively new? I don’t go there much but it doesn’t look to be in bad shape, at least to me….

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