DeKalb May Close Mason Mill Rec Center

The DeKalb County Commission has to have its budget balanced each year by March 1st.  Its the law!

Faced with the unenviable task, CEO Burrell Ellis’ administration asked DeKalb’s Parks and Rec Dept., which Recreation Centers should be closed.

According to North Druid Hills Patch, Mason Mill’s Recreation Center – inside Mason Mill Park off Clairmont Road – was among the five recommended for closure, based on “a number of factors”, such as age, location and maintenance costs.  A bit more from Patch…

Closing the centers is estimated to save the county $500,000.

…“We asked our parks and recreation department to identify which parks and rec centers would be the most appropriate to close, based on a number of factors,” said DeKalb Chief Operating Officer Richard Stogner. “These recommendations were based on a number of factors, such as their respective service areas, age, and maintenance costs.”

Photo courtesy of DeKalb County’s website

8 thoughts on “DeKalb May Close Mason Mill Rec Center”

  1. Is this is tennis center or something else? The one that sits on that pyramid-type thing?

    Seems odd that they would consider closing anything at Mason Mill after spending so much money on a total rehaul of the day use area surrounding it!

  2. I have not been down there in years. Isn’t that park the site of the old City of Decatur Water Works, where the water was sucked out of the creek, treated, stored and piped into the City, before there was a DeKalb County water system?

  3. Yes it is. If you haven’t been down there since they installed the walking paths and decks, you really should!

  4. It is just the rec center that I can tell. As you drive down McConnell Drive into the Park you will see a building immediately on your left called the Mack Love Senior Center. This is the top level of the building. The Rec center is the lower floor of the building(not internally connected strangely enough- you have to leave the building and walk around and up the stairs to enter the Sr. Center).

    From the few times I’ve been inside the Rec center, it seems to have several large rooms and possibly some kind of gymnasium. It’s been used as a site for a County run summer camp every year for the past several. No idea what other uses the Rec center is put to, maybe the author of the article could find that out.

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