Decatur First Bank Robbed This Afternoon

Patch reports that Decatur First Bank was robbed just before 4:00pm today. Thankfully, no one was hurt and no weapon was displayed.  Patch says that the suspect fled with an unspecified amount of money.

I just hope none of our good friends at DFB were too traumatized by the event!

19 thoughts on “Decatur First Bank Robbed This Afternoon”

  1. I saw a guy walking down Clairemont at that time with a big red Deadmau5 head on… It freaked me out, so I called the police. Didn’t know about the robbery at the time (until the police told me there had been one nearby).

        1. I must be even more tragically unhip because I checked out that link and I STILL have no idea what a deadmau5 is.

        2. I’m confused too. So the robber ran out in the street wearing a giant red mouse head? Is that a good techniques when escaping the police? Am I just being gullible here?

  2. That explains why the entrance was blocked around 4:50 pm by a patrol car. There was an unmarked car too. I drove by going to CVS and thought to myself that something must have happened.

  3. Oh, boy. Another robbery at a time when older kids might be walking home, e.g. from after school activities. Must remind offspring that one walks away from cluster of police cars, not towards.

    Glad none of these recent robberies have had weapons displayed. I guess I didn’t realize that robberies were this common until reading about them here. Is this an increase? Due to the economy? Or have I just been unaware all this time and it’s a common event and occupational hazard for bank workers?

  4. So now we have 3 (or is it more?) data points for bank robberies at 4pm-ish. Sure seems like law enforcement could work with that and be at the right place at the right time, next time.

  5. Our neighborhood has had two middle of the day, break down the front door break-ins this week… Something’s in the air. Desperate times for a lot of people. I’m wondering if crime is up across the board in Decatur?

    1. what neighborhood? were people home? scary…not to mention bold.
      warmer temps seem to bring the thugs out, unfortunately,

    2. I don’t have any statistics, but just based on the media coverage, it seems armed robbery, of banks and otherwise, is way up. Just today a woman robbed a bank in Lilburn with her three teenagers and then led police on a high speed chase. That sounds like desperation to me. Armed robbery carries a ten year minimum sentence. It may be time to double it again if ten years isn’t a deterrent.

      1. This seems like an increase especially since December is usually a high month for burlaries and robberies, right? But one month is not a pattern and maybe there’s a leftover holiday effect.

  6. I never hear the end of these stories. Did they find and arrest the robber in this case? In the case of the last one at the bank at Commerce and Clairemont?

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