Decatur Sledding Videos!

In a world, where school is permanently closed and parents just want you out of the house for 5 minutes…Sometimes the only thing you can do is…go sledding!

Here are a bunch of the sledding videos I received yesterday.  The first, from Cricket, has some serious production value…

In this second video, Allison shows off her trademarked Winnona Park Pool Sled!

And finally, footage of some serious sledding in Decatur Cemetery from Devin!

6 thoughts on “Decatur Sledding Videos!”

  1. My kids tried the pool sled on Kirk Road yesterday, with limited success. They enjoyed the individual sleds more.

    Oh, and this former south Floridian rode a sled for the first time in his 40-some years. It was a blast!

  2. That first video is great. We have been having a blast sledding. Our sleds are all starting to crack – hope Ace gets some more in soon so we can re-stock for next year.

  3. It’s amazing what 2 Renfroe kids with a camera, i-movie, and too much time on their hands can do! They are thrilled to have an audience for their movie, thanks!

    You may notice the human barrier alongside the truck in the video. Unfortunately, we just heard that a small neighbor of ours slid underneath it and had to have 24 stitches – happened while we were not there. Makes those roads with no parked cars look better and better. I hear the sledding on Kirk Road on Monday was amazing, and had no parked cars. Anyone have pics of that one?

  4. McDonough is the place for sledding from Benson to Oakview. The police closed it off and it’s the fastest run I’ve seen around the neighborhood

  5. Agree w/ OakhurstDad, S. McDonough was a blast. Got to meet neighbors who I had never run into (in person, not with a sled) before. The creativity of Southerners when it comes to improvised sleds is rather impressive.

    It’s never too early to stock up for the next event. Santa supplied our kids with several sleds, courtesy of Amazon. They were a hit and worked very well – fast and maneuverable.

    Look up the “Paricon Winter Lightning Sled” on Amazon – $38 for 3 of them, free delivery. They get 2 big thumbs up from the little ones.

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