Decatur’s “Drinking and Voting” Proximity Law

I found this in the city code while looking for the “open container” ordinance….

Licensees may sell alcoholic beverages on election days, provided that such sale is not within 250 feet of any polling place or of the outer edge of any building within which such polling place is established on primary or election days. The limitations imposed by this section shall be in effect beginning with the opening of the polls and ending with the closing of the polls.

(Code 1967, § 4-21)

7 thoughts on “Decatur’s “Drinking and Voting” Proximity Law”

  1. That ordinance is archaic and would never stand up in court if challenged. But why even bring it up? Let sleeping dogs lie, imo

      1. Somebody told me once there’s still on the books a provision in the Texas Constitution that allows local municipalities to form a militia in case of Indian attack. Go figure.

  2. Considering the choices Georgia voters have been making lately, maybe being drunk should be a requirement for voting.

  3. For some reason (eyes are getting reeeeally bad, most likely), I at first read this as “Decatur’s Drinking and Vomiting” Proximity Law…gads!

  4. One of the primary jobs of Congress et al is to pass laws …..
    They have been doing that for 200 + years.
    Perhaps we need to have them remove one law (or two) before they can create a new one.

    “If you have enough laws you can make any man a criminal”.

    According the the AJC -One in 13 adults in Georgia is in prison, has been in prison or is on probation …. WOW!

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