23 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

  1. Beautiful bird. Beautiful photo. I love our urban hawks and owls. I just wish they had more of a taste for squirrel.

      1. I can assure you the bird in that photo, i think it’s a young red-tailed hawk, will eat mucho squirrels. But those squirrels sure like to get busy so I don’t think you’ll notice a decline in squirrel pop.

        1. They are awesome by the way, very occassionally I’ll see one swoop right across the road as I drive by, they’re huge. Georgia doesn’t have very many birds of prey. I think there’s this one, the Osprey, some Peregrine Falcons (pretty rare tho), several owls, and the Bald Eagle. Birds are awesome.

          1. You left out our native turkey vultures, which are everywhere. Granted, they don’t exactly spring to mind when someone mentions birds of prey.

    1. You will be happy to know that this one was munching on a squirrel just before this picture was taken. Our unfortunate neighbor probably returned to find the kill on their doormat unless he came back to claim it. Ick!

  2. They do indeed like squirrels. Last summer, we watched one of our local hawks consume a squirrel bit by slow bit on a downtown lawn. He was fearless too as we were only about 3 feet away. Beautiful photograph.

  3. This is a red-shouldered hawk (very common around here). We have also seen red-tailed hawks, Cooper’s hawks, broad-winged hawks, and sharp-shinned hawks in Decatur — so we have quite a selection!

      1. Meh, too. Squirrels are just rats with slightly better hairdos.

        I’d support anything that attracts more coyotes, hawks, and owls to our fair burg, along with any other critter that would prey on squirrels, roof rats and Norway rats. We really could do with fewer chipmunks, too, although I don’t harbor such ill-will toward them because they haven’t invaded my attic and crawlspace, and the others have. Tip for other repair-impaired folks like me: Great Stuff won’t keep ’em out, won’t even slow ’em down. After seeing the drifts of chewed-up Great Stuff they left behind, I wish I’d seen it happening, it must have been like a cartoon. (Yes, I finally got a piece of flashing over the crack, which seems to have done the trick. But the trick’s on me, since I’m sure they’ll find another weak point in this charming old pile of lumber.)

        1. The rats probably think the same things about us. “Man, this place would be great if their those monkey-ish pig creatures weren’t always lurching around!”

          BTW, as the owner of a pre-WWII house as well, I cannot BELIEVE how small a hole a giant rat can get through. It’s truly magical.

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