Farm Burger and Holeman & Finch Serve Up Country’s Best Burgers

According to Food & Wine magazine, both Decatur’s Farm Burger and Buckhead’s Holeman & Finch serve up two of the top 25 burgers in the nation.

Here are the associated blurbs.  First FB…

Farm Burger (topped with Grafton smoked white cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and a special house sauce).

This farm-to-table burger spot grinds its grass-fed, dry-aged and locally sourced meat daily. The “build it” option includes unexpected toppings like cured lardo, oxtail marmalade and roasted bone marrow.

And now H&F…

Star chef Linton Hopkins announces “burger time”—10 p.m.—with the ringing of two bull horns; that’s when two dozen grass-fed beef burgers are up for grabs and consistently sold out within minutes. The burgers are also available on the Sunday brunch menu.

Photo courtesy of Food & Wine

13 thoughts on “Farm Burger and Holeman & Finch Serve Up Country’s Best Burgers”

  1. I like Farmburger, but in my opinion, there are better burgers, and you don’t have to go far, like about 10 yards east (although it will cost you more). Wisteria and Shaun’s top my list. Iberian Pig’s burger isn’t bad either. But my tastes never seem to jibe with these “top” lists.

  2. I’d agree with these two picks. I haven’t tried every burger in ATL, of course, but of those I have, H&F and Farm Burger (in that order) reign.

    Both the burgers and the sides at Farm Burger get better every time we visit. They were good to begin with but are really nailing it these days. Sounds like they just need to rejigger the veggie burger to appease those folks.

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