Farm Burger and Holeman & Finch Serve Up Country’s Best Burgers

According to Food & Wine magazine, both Decatur’s Farm Burger and Buckhead’s Holeman & Finch serve up two of the top 25 burgers in the nation.

Here are the associated blurbs.  First FB…

Farm Burger (topped with Grafton smoked white cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and a special house sauce).

This farm-to-table burger spot grinds its grass-fed, dry-aged and locally sourced meat daily. The “build it” option includes unexpected toppings like cured lardo, oxtail marmalade and roasted bone marrow.

And now H&F…

Star chef Linton Hopkins announces “burger time”—10 p.m.—with the ringing of two bull horns; that’s when two dozen grass-fed beef burgers are up for grabs and consistently sold out within minutes. The burgers are also available on the Sunday brunch menu.

Photo courtesy of Food & Wine

Historic Bakery Sign Uncovered in New Cakes & Ale Bakery Space

This is so cool!

Kristin Allin of Cakes & Ale writes in…

Regina Brewer is posting a photo of the amazing sign we uncovered at the new Cakes & Ale spot (151 Sycamore) on the Decatur Minute blog. …the sign is just perfect! It happens to be in the bakery space we are renovating on the left wall. I don’t have the photo with me, but I think it says “Mrs Teele’s Homemade Bread, Rolls, and Biscuits, Delicious Fruit and Meringue Pies, Cakes and Desserts.” It’s a very cool piece of our Decatur history and it just feels “meant to be.” If you pick up this story, we would love some help from Decaturites on any information they can provide about Mrs Teele’s bakery.

According to Regina at the Decatur Minute, Cakes & Ale will keep the sign and restore the plaster around it.

Any long-time Decaturites have any memories of Mrs. Teele’s bakery?

Pic obviously courtesy of Decatur Minute

Oakhurst Church Taking Over NAVO Space

My apologies to Timoteo who alerted me to this in a sign in the window of the NAVO space a few days back and I didn’t have a chance to report.   Rob reminded me by sending in a pic of the sign this morning.

As I understand it, this is next door to the proposed Dollar General space.

Ford Fry’s New Decatur Restaurant Will Be “Local Sourced, Italian Inspired”

Jennifer, Chef Ford Fry’s graphic designer, writes in…

I am Ford Fry’s graphic designer/art director, and just wanted to send a note about his up and coming restaurant in Decatur. I handled all the design for JCT and am working closely with Ford on his new venture into Decatur, which I have been excited about as I am a resident of Decatur.

The restaurant name is still in the works, but the description that Ford would like to get out is “local sourced, Italian inspired”.

Just wanted to let you know, as I saw the earlier tweet from Kessler stating it was Mediterranean inspired, and wanted to clarify that.

Ooooh, Italian!

Black Friday Deals in Decatur?

So as many of you already know, I’ve had to pull away from unrestricted free advertising on DM – even in comments – in recent years as I try to establish a business model for the site, but every once in a while we still have to open the flood gates and give our great local businesses a bit of free love!

Sure the DM comments section isn’t a Black Friday flyer in the AJC, but hey it’s somethin’!

So, let’s hear it local businesses.  What deals are you planning for post-turkey day?