Emory Village Roundabout Construction Begins Next Week

And of particular note to Decaturites who enjoy cutting through Druid Hills to Emory and beyond – South Oxford Road – you know, that road adjacent to Everybody’s – will be closed to traffic for 2 months starting sometime in early 2011.

From the Alliance to Improve Emory Village

Nov. 18, 2010 – The first phase of construction in Emory Village is nearly complete!

The first phase (1A) of construction involved improvements to the sidewalks, curbs and garden areas between Supercuts and Panera Bread along the south side of North Decatur Road. This phase also included the addition of new outdoor spaces that can accommodate café-style seating and the addition of parallel parking spaces in front of several businesses. Landscaping and over 50 trees will be added in the Village later in the construction timeline.

The entire DeKalb County project is scheduled to be complete in June 2011. The next phase of construction (1B) is similar to the first, but across the street on the north side of North Decatur Road between Dave’s Cosmic Subs and the Chevron station. This phase of work will last approximately one month and should be completed in December. As with the prior phase, construction will occur during the day and when feasible, at night.

Also, during the week of November 21, construction will begin on the actual roundabout near North Oxford Road and the Emory University gate at Dowman Drive. During this phase of construction (1C), Dowman Drive will be closed to vehicles beginning Sunday, November 21. North Oxford Road will remain open to traffic. This phase of construction should be complete by the first week of January, and possibly earlier.

Pedestrian access will continue across North Decatur and North Oxford roads. MARTA and Emory’s shuttle system will not be affected. Following this phase of streetscape construction along North Decatur Road, the construction will begin around the intersection of Oxford and North Decatur Roads. This future phase of construction will likely occur early in 2011 and will necessitate the temporary closure of South Oxford Road by Everybody’s Pizza for approximately two months.

Please look for future email updates on Emory Village construction from the Alliance to Improve Emory Village (AIEV) and at www.emoryvillage.org . As always, we encourage the patronage of Emory Village businesses during this period of construction.

photo courtesy of AIEV

8 thoughts on “Emory Village Roundabout Construction Begins Next Week”

  1. The performance of the existing intersection and the proposed roundabout were modeled by traffic engineers. During peak hours the roundabout performed very similar to the current 5 way intersection with a traffic signal. During non-peak hours, the roundabout performed immensely better. During non-peak hours, you will never have to wait at that intersection again. Currently there are four phases for the traffic signal.

    Even if the modeling is off-base and the peak hour delays for commuters who are driving through the area are a little worse, they can find alternative routes. Most importantly the roundabout and road diet will accomplish the community’s goal of calming traffic and making the area more accomodating for pedestrians and cyclists. Our history of designing communities around the needs of drivers and giving primacy to cars has not lead to positive results.

  2. Driving in a roundabout is not difficult, a couple of lanes or 5 lanes, is the same. Of course it will take some adjustment. Follow normal habits like you would when you’re unsure of your path, turn off your music, pay close attention, and slow down a bit. It will be fine

  3. bb & AMB – looks like you’re not the only ones that have initial fears about roundabouts. The NY Times must have been reading your comments, because the article linked below just showed up today. It talks about the proliferation of roundabouts in the US and how the public’s initial fears are usually unfounded and usually change once they get used to them:


    1. Yes, That’s describes every public street in existence and every intersection that allows right on red.

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