Chef Ford Fry To Take Over Eurasia Bistro Space

The AJC’s John Kessler tweets

Ford Fry (JCT Kitchen) signs the Eurasia Bistro space in Decatur. “High profile chef” to sign on for Mediterranean menu.

Very interesting.  Here’s a little background on Chef Fry in case you’re interested.

Reminder: Final CSD K-3 Redistricting Meeting Tonight

Just a reminder to everyone that tonight is your last opportunity to speak up about your preference between Maps 4 and 8 of the impending K-3 redistricting.

The meeting will begin at 6pm with an hour-long information session, which will be followed by a public hearing starting at 7p.  Needless to say, the meeting will be held at Westchester.

Here’s a link to the final two maps if you need it.  Also feel free to use this post as an open-thread post-meeting if you’re so inclined.

Cyclist Struck Along North Decatur Road Back on November 2nd

From the Emory Wheel’s Police Report blog

A cyclist was struck by a vehicle on Nov. 2 at 5:23 p.m. The driver was traveling west on North Decatur Road toward Emory Village, and the cyclist was in a closed traffic lane that was marked off with construction barrels. As the vehicle moved onto the sidewalk, the driver turned her car to enter Fishburne parking deck, and the vehicle’s right front fender struck the cyclist.

What Was It? Church Street Industrial Building

I don’t have many brag-able skills, but I’m usually pretty good at identifying a building.

But here’s one that’s piqued my interest for the last 12 months or so.  This building, which sits behind the ReMax building along Church Street is some sort of old industrial building, I believe.  And while it’s interesting in itself, what’s really intriguing about it to me is the fact that it’s attached to a commercial building along Church.

So, some questions.  What industrial company used to occupy this space?  Also, what are the commercial buildings at either end?  Why are they there?  Are they original?

Does anyone know?

One more pic of the other side of the building after the jump.  That one shows where the ReMax building attaches to the old industrial space.

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