Decatur Home Sales Prices Down, But Volume Up in Some Neighborhoods

Adams Realtors sums up residential real estate action over the past 12 months in the City of Decatur and the specific neighborhoods of Glenwood Estates, Oakhurst, Great Lakes and Winnona Park – along with Pine Lake and Avondale Estates – over on its blog.  Here’s a the top-line summary…

According to our October 2010 survey, all of the Central DeKalb markets, except Avondale Estates, had a year over year drop in Average Sales Price. The Number of Days on the Market was down in Decatur and Avondale Estates and up in Pine Lake. Pine Lake and Decatur, as well as the Decatur neighborhoods of Oakhurst and Glenwood Estates, were markets that experienced an increase in the Number of Units Sold over the last year. Pine Lake, Glenwood Estates, Oakhurst and the City of Decatur were the only markets that had an increase in Annual Sales Volume from 2009 to 2010.

For more neighborhood specific analysis, check out their full blog post.

h/t: InDecatur

3 thoughts on “Decatur Home Sales Prices Down, But Volume Up in Some Neighborhoods”

  1. Interesting. It’s pretty much matches my general sense of the current Decatur market, except I am surprised Oakhurst was only down 2% over 12 months (and up 2% over 24 months!). My non-professional feeling from looking at flyers and such was that at least the larger, more expensive properties in Oakhurst seemed to be coming down a little bit in price. I could be wrong, though.

    Also, I’m surprised to see the decline in Great Lakes and Glenwood Estates, although I think that data is probably skewed b/c the volume of homes sold was so small. One or two really expensive or cheap properties could totally throw off the calculations.

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